Saturday, October 25, 2008

Anyone know? (and knitted farmyard progress)

Where to find these old Ostheimer knights? We really don't care for the newer versions as much but LOVE these ones. I have been searching forever and can't find them anywhere so I thought I'd try putting out my own want ad, tee hee. Aren't they gorgeous? *drool* I will be forever in your debt if you find some for me!!

Our Internet hasn't been working for some reason the past week and 1/2 or so but now seems to be back in order...we'll see. I should be back to posting regularly now.

The knitted farmyard swap is finally at it's last stage. I mailed out the 1st batch of squares and the next and final batch goes out Monday. Then we can all get to work on putting them all together and making paths between our squares,then adding embellishments if we desire and felting it. woo hooo!!!!!

Just for the fun of it here's some more Ostheimer pics. They are such beautiful toys I find myself taking pictures of them quite often.



Marina said...

I really love the older knights as well! I was very excited when I was just surfing online one day and saw that the Playstore (in CA not too far from me) had them pictured for sale. When I stopped by the store and asked about them, the manager sighed and said that they didn't have them, just didn't change the pictures on their site.... DOH! Love those knitted squares!

Anonymous said...

Rather sounds like the vintage Ostheimer knights are just that...vintage! Best bet to get them will be to watch ebay and other on-line auctions for them. But here's a rather fortuitous happenstance...Waldorfmama is giving away a couple vintage knights! Just go to her sight and comment...then keep your fingers crossed! If I happen upon any other info, I'll let you know! Good luck!!!


Unknown said...

omg..i think i have to get some of those wooden chickens and other from that maker, for the girls! i wish i had money...grrrr at this economy!

the farmyard looks like it's doing great as well! :) can't wait to see the finished project. :)

i thought about you sooooooo strongly today as i totally cleaned out the girls castle room, got rid of the last of the junk toys and left it with one bookshelf, ready to house the new playstands dh is making the girls for the holidays! :) i also received the oak meadow curriculum for lola from my darling sister in law..:D so starting on the 2nd, she will be officially in the oak meadow online school and a homeschooled waldorf first grader! :D

anyway, just sending you lots and lots of love ni!!!

FrontierDreams said...

Marina-OH NO! That would be my luck too :( So happy to see you in 'blog land' LOL.

Kimara-Thank you :) You are so kind!

Cat- Ostheimers are addicting watch out! tee hee. yeah this economy is kicking my butt :(
I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see the playstands when they are done. woo hoo lola!! man, i need to call you! <3 <3

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