Monday, September 29, 2008

Party weekend!! (a million pics!sorry!)

K and her best friend Fi are only 2 day apart in age so we have their birthday parties the same weekend and it ends up being a big party weekend! LOL It's so much fun.
Here's some pics from Fi's party on Saturday. Her party was beautiful. She is the sweetest little girl in the world. I love being around her so much,as does K and even C :)

Here's K,Fi and Ri playing with bubbles

pin the tail on the monkey:

Birthday girl Fi opening gifts with K's watchful eyes:

Best Friends:
Aren't they so cute together?!

It makes me so sad to think this is the last year they'll be doing birthday weekend. Fi will be moving to Fl. next year and who knows where Kevin's job will move us next.

And heres some pics from K' party. I forgot to take a pic of her happy birthday banner that I bought on Etsy. Its so cute! oh well. anyways here goes:

oh and if you couldn't was autumn themed..almost more squirrel themed LOL

The yummy station decorations:

The yummies (we made pumpkin muffins from the Waldorf Kindergarten snack book):

Her table set up:

A gift from her Nana and Grampa. K loves to play doctor!

As a party activity we made wool felted bracelets. I got the instructions off of the red-dirt-mother blog (see blog list on right). Ri made a snake :) Thanks to grandma or her birthday present to K of the washboard and basin,this craft was easier and more fun! We can't wait to make some felted pumpkins with them!

Lastly: K's birthday cake with her cake topper that was mine when I turned 3.
She reuested carrot cake so again we used our trusty Waldorf Kindergarten snack book and made a healthy sugar free carrot cake. It was yummy!

ETA: I still have some pics of K and grandma from her visit to upload off my camera.. I'm slacking!!
Be back soon with more posts!!


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Sheila said...

Everything looks so nice! You do such a beautiful job with everything. The wool bracelets were such a good idea, Cora loves wet felting, I should try that some time soon. It's wonderful to see pics of fiona too, lots of love to her and d'anne!

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