Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lini's airplane obsession and kitty toys

We finally,after 3 years of saying we were goign to go, made it to the air and space museum yesterday. I think it was good timing b/c K is completely obsessed with airplanes and helicopters right now.
They had a lot of plane you could actually walk in and ones you could pretend to fly too. Her favorite,though, was what she called the 'K sized airplane' seen below. She made Kevin and I fly in it with her too.

pushing the propeller:

flying with daddy:

Flying a commercial plane with Konkin baby next to her:

my kitties love wool. so i made these mice with wool yarn, wool stuffing and some catnip thrown inside. I had to make 2 b/c they fought over this one LOL. I could only find 1 to take a pic though. i had to alter the pattern b/c these mice are smaller than a walnut shell which is too small for my cats so I made it about 4 times that size.

not the prettiest thing but they love it. the other one doesnt even have ears b/c they stole it before i could finish it!!! Geisha hasn't let this leave her side all day she carries it around EVERYWHERE.

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