Monday, July 30, 2007

Sunday fun

We woke up early on Sunday so that K would take an early nap and be ready to go to Kinderhaus for the photos. After getting some breakfast and some things done around the house, we went on a bike ride to the park down the road. K, as usual, took an array of babies (dollies) with her and even a book this time. She fell asleep towards the end of the bike ride, so after collecting a cattail for her nature table, we took her home to finish her nap. Then when she woke up, we drove to Kinderhaus. She had sooo much fun there, and they got the sweetest pics of her and Fiona together. K will tell you who her best friend is now: "Nona!" (her way of saying Fiona) The pics will be up on the website soon. Right now they only have this one up:

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