Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wake (and my new essential oil shelf)

standing (And proud!) trying on his baa-ble chalk painting a frame vintage crate shelf in progress alphabetizing my essential oils shelf hanging vintage crate turned eo shelf (sorry for the harsh lighting) love in a mist seed pods kombucha k reading to baby f Wake. Wipe the sleep from my eyes. Kiss Baby F on his head and slowly try to creep out of bed without waking him. Start my coffee. Feed the water kefir and start a new batch. Check on the kombucha. Smile at it (the instructions that came with it told me to do so). Rinse the sprouts and place in the windowsill if need be. Coffee is ready. Pour a cup. Wander outside in the brisk morning air to walk the garden and sip my coffee. Enough cucumbers to make pickles yet? Make a mental note to harvest some more calendula today. Go back inside. Start some sort of breakfast for the kiddos. Wake them up and begin our day.

I am savoring every moment of the new morning rhythm I have fallen into these past couple of weeks. It feels odd typing that. I have always been a night owl and loathed the morning time. But now, as our homeschool year begins, I am starting to appreciate the beauty of time spent alone with my thoughts in the early morning light. What a difference that short amount of time makes in a day.

You can see by the first two photographs that Baby F is quite proud of his new abilities. Maybe even happy over his finished baa-ble hat, too? He has been pulling himself up on everything and anything sending me into a bit of a baby proofing frenzy. He is still so tiny which makes the sight of him standing all the more funny. We also had to put our mattress on the floor due to his daredevil antics. Somehow I forgot about the mattress on the floor stage of babyhood. Then again, we only had to previously do it with Little L.

Kevin turned my last vintage berry crate from a farm in Oregon into a shelf for my rather unreasonable essential oil collection (remember my last one?). Well, I thought it was an unreasonable collection until I saw it all on the shelf - I still have plenty of room for more oils! The girls alphabetized my oils for me before we moved them. I wish I had better photos of the finished product but we have harsh fluorescent lighting and no windows in our bathrooms in this house. But trust me - it is great!

p.s. - We are all over the stomach bug! Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

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