Monday, June 2, 2014

When handwork won't cut it get you out of your slump - get a good dose of time outdoors with your children who, after all, are your biggest source of inspiration: "garden" Garden to feel the good earth in you hands (even if all you currently have is a garden in pots) fairy house in progress mud pie kitchen mud pie reading Little L in a mud puddle mud Make mud pies (with this recipe book) and fairy houses (sitting in a hole of mud is completely optional) wagon pool wagon pool wagon pool Turn a wagon into a pool building helpers Try your hand at building something with power tools K helper K helper Invite eager helpers to build along side you. Keep the finished project a mystery so the fun is in the making picnic table finished finished! Feel great about what you accomplished and ignore the mess for now (the children and I made this picnic table purchased with gift cards they had been saving) lunch enjoy! and take a lunch break, you deserve it!

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