Thursday, February 20, 2014

Three little fingers

birthday morning

Rise and shine birthday boy!

birthday flowers cucumber shark sharkies (vegan sweets)

Early morning snacks consisting of sharkies, seaweed and cucumbers

birthday sweater gifts from K wool fetl shark from K gifts from the girls

Gifts from his sisters - a wool felt shark, a phone, a pastry for his play kitchen and a shark bag.
 (Projects can be found here)

Freddie look! Freddie's overalls for L hammer balloons bubbles bubbles pin the fin BACK on the shark pin the fin BACK on the shark

We had a rousing game of pin the fin back on the shark
(if only that was truly possible and our sharks could be saved that easily!)

lost shark

Little L wandered out of the room trying to find the shark


after some redirection he decided it would be much easier to pin the fin on if he just took a peek

birthday ring C's shark for L birthday table shark cake shark cake cake

I attempted to make Little L a shark cake. I think it looked cute until I decided to frost it.
I totally messed up the frosting consistency and made it all lumpy bumpy.
A cake decorator, I am not!

kale lemonade

Kevin made the birthday boy's dinner of choice (vegan manicotti) while I provided some cool kale lemonade. We were eight ounces short of kale for the recipe but it still came out delicious. Oh and you may have noticed that there really isn't any photos of K. She was nursing a neck injury in bed most of the day. She slept on it wrong the night before when she camped out in the backyard to test out Kevin's search and rescue tent.

Freddie Freddie Freddie overalls freddie L and Freddie hammers (Freddie's and L's)

More pictures of Freddie and Little L just because Little L is so darn smitten with him. So am I! I overheard him talking to himself saying, "Yeah, Bubba love my Freddie lots!” The evidence of his love came at bedtime when he snuggled with him all night long.

Knitting notes: Freddie and the child sized overalls are from the book Freddie's Blanket, one of my children's favorite books. I love it for the story but also for sentimental reasons, my grandpa's name was Fred. Little L's overalls were knit following the pattern as written. I just added an additional inch to the pocket to hold bigger treasures like his wool felt shark. I knit Freddie following the pattern as written as well but made some modifications to his overalls: I knit the pocket a bit bigger for treasures, added a hammer loop and knit a mini hammer for him. All the notes on these mods can be found here.

All in all, I think our birthday boy was pleased with his special day. He wore smiles all day long and kept telling us to sing him happy birthday. He is such a curious, creative, energetic, fun-loving, crazy little guy yet also so laid back and easy going at the same time. I never knew such qualities were possible in one little person.

I still can't believe my baby is THREE! How did that happen? I try my best to slow down, enjoy and savor each moment in my children's lives but no matter what this time really is fleeting, at best. Happy birthday my amazing little Bubba guy! We love you so!!

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