Sunday, November 3, 2013

Lantern light

We have all been sick here over the past few days and I can't seem to look at this computer screen and see straight at the moment so this post will be less words, more pictures.
lantern walk lantern walk lantern walk 378 382 lantern walk 398 392 Portland Waldorf School's early childhood lantern walk happened on Saturday (K's Martinmas lantern walk is happening soon). A beautiful evening with wonderful friends. 025 (2) 118 103 044 039 032 227 233
Halloween costumes were thrown together last minute and thankfully were all made from things we already had on hand. K was a bride. She did her hair "all fancy" and even made her own earrings out of some geode pieces. C was Little Red Riding Hood (using K's costume I made a couple of years ago), Little L was a monkey and Beowulf was a big bad wolf, of course! Ferocious looking, isn't he? There were some mud pies to be made for their "friend skeletons" before we left for the evening.
terraforming 298 338 349 The Halloween Fairy brought Little L a wooden train whistle and a Crystal Growing Giant Sequoia for each of the girls. The Sequoia kit may be the best Halloween Fairy gift yet. I wish I could have snapped a picture of it before the girls moved it off it's shelf and some of the leaves fell off but hopefully you get the picture. I can't seem to find the kits online but you can see a similar volcano kit made by the same company here. We just might have to try that one, too! all souls day 001 002 Sunday Mass

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