Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Weekly Walnut Hill (our great outdoor playspace)

walnut hill IMG_3432 walnut hill walnut hill IMG_3827 napping in the sunflower house IMG_3821 inside the sunflower house inside the sunflower house upside down tree turned into a play structure IMG_3841 Little L's "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" IMG_3850

Part of our summer rhythm is once a week playdates at our school's early childhood playground - Walnut Hill. We look forward to this event every week. The girls enjoy seeing friends while Little L's priorities are a bit different. He knows when that day of the week arrives and wakes up with a smile saying, "Choo-choo to weeeeeeeeee!" Translation - drive to the slide!!!!

There are a couple of new fun additions to this great outdoor play space. The first is a sunflower playhouse. They just planted a large circle of sunflowers leaving one small opening to be the door. The sunflowers grew so tall that children look like little fairies and elves nestled in their summertime home. K seeks this playhouse out when she needs some downtime from all the excitement around her. I love this simple idea and hope to use it at our next house. I wish I could have captured the whole thing better but alas, no wide angle lens.

The other new addition came when the city had to tear down a great oak tree nearby. The school convinced the city (from what I was told) to let them keep the limbs for class projects. They even received a huge piece of the tree that they flipped upside down and turned it into a massive play structure. Brilliant! I am sure you can only imagine the ideas going through my mind after seeing that.

Everything else is the same and just the way we love it. There is just something about walking through the front gate there, and seeing familiar faces (and new ones, too), that makes you feel welcome and embraced with love. Although we will be moving soon, we still consider ourselves part of this great school community and are so thankful that the feeling is mutual!

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