Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mayhem and little personalities

K's needle felted Phoebe K needle felted C a little Phoebe (from Phoebe's Sweater). C instantly adored it, but so did Little L. Neither of the girls wanted him to get his hands on it knowing what he would do to it, so we put it up on a shelf in our dining room. I stood on a chair to snap a quick photo. It probably took 2 minutes at the most but then I looked down to see this: 108 135 153 Wherever Little L goes, mayhem follows! Although he did sort of do us a favor by showing me that these potatoes needed to be thrown away...
This might be why I have slowed down in the picture taking department the past couple of months - too much to clean up afterwards. Ha!
Little L reminds me so much of C at this age (and even now!) Remember this incident? I believe there was a reason K was our first and that she enjoys helping. Just look at her trying to teach C how to knit (on her Easter sweater I am knitting, no less!):
228 247 251

Being a goof with our Geisha kitty. I wonder if there will be any more children in our future with her personality or if there will be more Cs and Little Ls...

This weekend was an exhausting one. We had a birthday party to attend for a sweet friend yesterday  and then a 7:30 am Mass today, but what really wore us out what was in between. I want to share but I can't just yet. It's a surprise for someone special and I know they will be reading this  so I will have to share it once it has been revealed in a few weeks.

I had the fun experience of my e-mail and pinterest accounts getting hacked at the end of last week. I was still trying to work through it all over the weekend. My e-mail account was suspended because of it all. It was quite the mess but I think it's almost worked out now.

How was your weekend?

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