Wednesday, February 27, 2013


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We spent a good chunk of Little L's birthday week under a bit of a self-imposed quarantine. K had the chickenpox. It's been going around school so I had a feeling it would be coming our way. I admit it was somewhat welcome. I mean as welcome as something like this can be.  I was just looking forward to getting past this particular rite of childhood so that we didn't have to worry about it in the future.

We are thankful that K had a  mild case and was her usual self minus some itchiness here and there. Oat baths and neem oil really seemed to help. I believe I was older than she is when I got them but I had an easy case, too. In fact the only thing I remember about it is that I gave them to my brother (who is about nine years older than me) and he had a pretty rough time. I mentioned my experience to K and every time she wanted to itch a spot I told her to give her uncle a call and he would  tell her why she shouldn't itch them. That little rascal never called him, though.

Now I am just waiting for C and Little L's chickenpox to appear. It's inevitable. I was told they appear in two weeks after the initial case just like clockwork. We are soon to find out! I pray that they have as mild of a case as K did.

p.s - Somehow a picture of K's latest knitting project just seemed absolutely appropriate for this post (that very loved horse is from The Puppenstube). And those tiny flowers you see above? Those are our first sign that spring is near! Little L and I spotted them outside our window the other day. There was much rejoicing!

p.p.s - I really contemplated posting this but in the end I decided go with it and stay true to myself.  I am always open and honest (but also vulnerable!) in this space of mine and to skip over this particular event in our lives just wouldn't feel right. On that note, I do ask that we please refrain from any possible vaccination debates. They would only bring us the exact opposite of love and encouragement. Thank you for understanding!

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