Monday, February 25, 2013

Paw Paw (Old Blue Eyes)

Our holistic vet clinic 005 142 post-op eyes 197 Much better! 030 044 075 067 073 086 Our husky Paw Paw underwent surgery last week to remove a broken tooth. It probably sounds minor but it was actually a pretty big deal. It was a tooth with large, deep roots and it took the vet many hours to get it out. Thankfully Paw Paw was knocked out for the ordeal. This whole thing really caught us off guard. We feed our dogs raw food and they have the cleanest, whitest teeth I have ever seen so I would have never expected anything like this.

This transpired a couple of weeks back we noticed that Paw Paw's breath was pretty strong. Kevin checked his mouth out and saw that one of his back teeth was broken in half. Ouch! Why, oh why, didn't Paw Paw ever show any signs of being in pain? He did nip at me one day when I went to give him a kiss which is not like him at all. I think that was his one and only clue. When people mention that huskies work through pain - they aren't kidding!

When we picked Paw Paw up after his surgery, he looked so very small and frail to me. We got him home and all set up on his warm bed in the dog room (What? Don't your dogs have their own room?! Hee,hee) with a gate to keep the other dogs away (as I could totally see Beowulf tormenting Paw Paw in his vulnerable state). My poor guy was still coming off the meds and his eyes kept going crossed. He slept it off and was back to his normal self a couple of days later, although we are still somewhat keeping Beowulf away- those two really like to wrestle together.

We spent all day today outside in our backyard finishing up all the work Kevin and Little L had been doing. Paw Paw helped us by keeping guard in between cat naps. We love our backyard, it's literally the forest, and we like letting nature do it's thing. But when it became too hard to clean up after our dogs, we realized we needed to rake a bit. Now both our animals and children are happy to be back there again, never wanting to come back inside. This warms my heart. It's so important to get outside no matter what the weather. That's a huge part of Waldorf philosophy. We need that connection with the beauty of nature. Now I think we'll be enjoying it more in our own yard.

On a side note - Did I ever mention that I named my beloved Paw Paw after Martha Stewart's dog? Well, I did! The name ended up fitting him really well, too. He is also known as "Old Blue Eyes" in tribute to Sinatra, of course.

p.s - Please forgive my poor transitions and overall writing tonight. All that work outside made me more tired than I realized!

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