Sunday, December 23, 2012







Do you see those blissful smiles??? They are all thanks to a gift of giving.

Giving from the heart is part of loving.
Giving when the heart is not in it, is a lie.
Giving out of duty becomes a burden,
Abundant giving is something all should try.

When we give, we share what we have with others.
It makes life worth living and gives others a smile.
It matters not the size or quantity of the gift imparted,
It's the love perceived that makes it all worthwhile.

What would life be without giving?

Everything in nature gives to us.
The clouds empty their load and showers come refreshing
Birds sing, and their choruses to us entrust.
Flowers bloom imparting fragrance.
The scent gives our noses sweet whiffs.

Dogs and cats nestle right beside us.
Loyal companions to mankind they exist.
Trees in grandeur lend their beauty
Pointing towards mountains which paint a scene.

Yes, everything in God's natural world ministers to us.
Sharing and giving. What joy they bring.
We are made in the Creator's image.
He richly gives to us all things to enjoy.
When we give to others are simply
letting him to use our hands
To bring to others
His happiness, blessings and joy.

-Toni Doswell

Christmas miracles abound! With hearts full of joy and eternal gratitude - THANK YOU!!

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