Sunday, October 14, 2012


Harvest festival 2012

Harvest festival 2012

Harvest festival 2012 (harvest swap)

Harvest festival 2012 (our school cookbook!)

Harvest festival 2012 (corn husk dolls)









This weekend our school held it's annual Harvest Festival but that wasn't all. It was also the birthday of K's teacher and we celebrated it the way our school knows best -  as a community. Our class purchased two beautiful oak trees (which will be perfect for climbing in the future) to place on our school grounds in his honor. The whole school really came together to help plant these 400 pound trees, and believe me we needed each and every one of them! I felt guilty standing back taking pictures watching how much hard work they put into it. Every single time we have an event at school I am blown away by how much of a family we all are. I sat and watched mobs of children chasing after Little L guiding and playing with him like they were his big brothers and sisters. How lucky is he? Really, how lucky are we all?!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the festival itself nor of my girlies as I was focused on the birthday celebration and allowing myself to get distracted by Little L in his new Milo. I finished it up just in time for the festival. It took less than one skein and only a few days to knit this up. I love it! And an extra bonus is that it matches perfectly with his Zimmermann leggings I knit him last autumn.



Autumn Milo




And somewhat on the Autumn note  I have been trying to get into the Halloween spirit. Trying is the key word there. Truth be known I am not a Halloween kind of gal, but my children love it so I am working on feeling the love. The girls and I have been listening to Sparkle Stories free story about the first jack-o-lantern and we are really enjoying it. Last snuggle night we also listened to Martin and Sylvia's Halloween audio book. Actually,we listened to it a couple of times (Daddy was a bit later than usual that night). I loved how they celebrated Halloween with a Fairy Ball. It got me thinking about how we could maybe steer our children away from the trick or treating and do a fairy Ball (or something of that nature) of our own.

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