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Sponsored giveaway : Wooly Moss Roots

I am delighted to introduce you to one of my wonderful sponsors, a fellow Oregonian(even though I'm not a native) and quite easily my favorite button shop Wooly Moss Roots. You may remember seeing some of their handmade goodness in my latest KCCO post. I have to say, pictures do not do justice to the beauty of their work. You truly have to hold one of their creations in your own hands to fully get a sense of all the love and detail that goes into them. You can read more about the shop and the talented family behind it at Taryn's blog.

wooly fampicfrommarket

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your shop?

Hello Frontier Dreams readers! My name is Taryn. I live on a small homestead in the Oregon Coastal Range with my husband Jeff and our son Bracken (who will be two in October.) We love gardening and creating with our hands.
Our business, Wooly Moss Roots, offers high quality artisan handmade wooden buttons, herbal goodness and wooly delights. We love providing artisan buttons for knitters, sewers, crafters, and creative people of all kinds and we're happy to make custom sets for your special projects. We enjoy coming up with healthy herbal products, like herbal salves and natural tooth powder, and have lots of fun crafting wooly delights for wool lovers.

How did Wooly Moss Roots come about?

We started with our first shop, Mystic Orb, offering natural wooden jewelry and wood creations for the home and garden. When we started offering herbal salves and artisan buttons, we realized it was time to start a second shop. The name of my blog was Wooly Moss Roots, and it felt like a good name for our second shop too. The name was an inspiration that came, encompassing three things my soul deeply loves- wool, moss, and roots. Wool feels like home to me, when I saw the moss covered trees around this area I knew I wanted to live here, and sinking my roots into this place has been the best feeling.

wooly delight- wool purse

How long have you and Jeff been creating together?

We met in 2005 and it wasn't long before we were creating together. Then we started selling at the Eugene Saturday Market in Eugene, Oregon. Next we started our online shop Mystic Orb, then our online shop, Wooly Moss Roots. Now we balance doing the market, our online shops, and also selling in a few local stores. We squeeze in homesteading activities whenever we can.

wooly bracken helping harvest

Do you think your son will be creating along side of you in the future? (or does he even help you now??) How has he influenced your shop?

Yes, I do think Bracken will be creating along side us. Jeff and I love seeing where Bracken's creativity leads. Our home life and work life are woven together, so Bracken participates in it all. Bracken is always with us and watches everything we do. And he does help us now. His favorite way to help these days is to gather ingredients for our herbal products in the garden. He's happiest when he's outside and wants to be out there all the time. (I'm writing this while he is napping next to me and as soon as he wakes up we'll be heading back out there.) He loves picking Calendula and St.John's Wort flowers and putting them in the harvest basket. He sees me set the flowers in the basket and he puts them in there too (along with some other little treasures he finds here and there, which always surprises me and makes me laugh when I'm emptying out the basket inside.)
He was the inspiration for our new Blissful Baby Balm. His picture is even on the label. He continues to inspire ideas for new things to make.

wooly il_570xN_334320325

What do you think makes your beautiful buttons so unique?

I think what makes our buttons so unique is the amount of time that goes into them. Our buttons are worked on Jeff's machine that was actually made for cabbing stone, so the shine it gives to the wood is simply amazing. It makes the wood look like polished stone! Not only does Jeff sand them on four stages, then he polishes them on two stages, to get an "eyeglass" finish. He goes beyond making them silky smooth and actually shapes them, which brings them to life. Most buttons are flat because shaping them takes a lot of extra work, but we think the extra effort is worth it and it really sets our buttons apart. Also, we have the most gorgeous reclaimed woods that we are so grateful to work with and they really create some amazing buttons. Those who pour so much time and energy into their special handmade projects appreciate finishing them with Wooly Moss Roots buttons, knowing they're created with that same dedication and love. Each button is a work of art, lovingly handmade. It's something you can feel when you hold them in your hands.

wooly artisan buttons in yew

Any thing else you'd like to share?

Yes! We are offering an ongoing deal, with a chance for you to win three sets of Wooly Moss Roots buttons of your choice. We would love to see our buttons in Yarn Shops around the world. Do you have a favorite local yarn shop where you'd like to see our buttons? Or several? Here's how our offer works: you tell your local yarn shop about our buttons, letting them know that you would like to see Wooly Moss Roots buttons there, give them our website and let them know we offer wholesale prices (50% off retail.) Then send me an e-mail letting me know your name and the yarn shop you contacted. If they place a wholesale order with us, we will contact you and you'll get to enjoy three sets of free buttons! You can read more about our offer here. It's a win-win for everyone and makes lots of people happy!


For the giveaway: we would like to give the following to one winner:

wooly 3 small hearts sideview

wooly 4 small sassafras

wooly 2 large sassafras

Three Sets of Buttons

-1 set of 3 small heart buttons in reclaimed purpleheart wood
-1 set of 4 small buttons in reclaimed sassafras
-1 set of 2 large buttons in reclaimed sassafras

wooly mini magical healing salve

And one Magical Healing Salve in Mini Size

Giveaway is open for international entries.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!

If you would like a second entry "like" Wooly Moss Roots Facebook Page.

Also, we are offering a coupon code to Frontier Dreams readers for the duration of the giveaway. Use the coupon code:
FDFREESHIP and get Free Shipping Worldwide! (This is the first time we've ever offering free shipping worldwide, it's a really great deal!)

Thank you Taryn and Jeff. This is such a generous giveaway. I can not say enough about how absolutely stunning their buttons are in person. Don't miss out on this chance to have some of your very own through this giveaway or by checking out their shop for even more handmade creations.

I will close comments the evening of Wednesday September 5th and announce the winner within this post that day. Please be sure to check back to see if you won!
Good luck everyone!

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The winner is:

"These are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.
Robin Phillips-Knotts"


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