Sunday, May 13, 2012

To sum it up

You'll have to forgive me but I still can't get enough of those sweet baby feet.

Kitty cuddlers



Paw Paw joining us for dinner... in his own way

These past few days have had their ups and downs (poor Kevin was sick which meant I was looking after four children *ahem*), but the sun has been shining and clearing up any dark clouds that may pass in our lives. It's actually even warmed up enough for us to eat outdoors and even have our first popsicles of the season. We chose to make our own version of creamsicles which is just orange juice (fresh squeezed if you can) and plain yogurt mixed together and frozen. I made Baby L his own orange juice popsicle but it was much too cold for him. He liked the first bite and then started screaming. We quickly removed the popsicle from his grip and put him in the bathtub with warm water. Good feelings returned! After that we stuck with strawberries as his treat, and you can see the evidence of this all over his shirt in the picture above (along with dirt from playing outside).



C, Baby L and I went out on an impromptu garage sale trip after we dropped K off at school on Friday. I saw a sign on the way home and just couldn't refuse! We came home with a bookwe have been wanting for awhile now as well as this wooden crate. I have been searching for crates like these for a couple of years now with no avail. Well, if I wanted to spend $50 on one then I could find a few, but I am more in the $4 price range (like this one was). The only thing is that this crate is deeper than it is wide so I am not sure what to use it for just yet (Kitty picture is to give you a better idea of the size). What would you do with it? I would love to hear your suggestions.

Mother's Day Mass



Mother's Day was very sweet. I think K and C thought it was like a birthday (how cute is that?!), and they set up the birthday ring for me. Then after dinner K asked me to light a candle and she held it and sang 'Happy Mother's Day to you' to the tune of 'Happy Birthday to you'. Yeah, it's safe to say I was a puddle of mush.
I hope you all had a beautiful weekend!

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