Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rhythm In Our Home : Creative Spaces (mine)

Since I shared one of the girls' creative spaces for Rhythm In Our Home before, I thought I would continue on with my creative space. Everyone needs their own special place in their home to get away, wouldn't you agree? Well, this is mine - In it's full unorganized and messy glory. It's nothing pretty, but it serves it's purpose. Knitting, sewing and creating are a huge outlet of mine and help me hang on to my sanity. A space dedicated to these things seemed only proper.

My corner is located in the bottom level/basement of our split level home. It's dark and dingy down here and the 70's wood walls don't help much. If we had more time and/or money I would do something about all of that but that's just not a possibility. Even so, I am grateful and rather content with it. My sewing machine (Betty) sits out in her space on my desk all year round which is a blessing to me. I can't even begin to tell you how many times I had sewing projects I wanted to work on but never got to, due to having to dig out my sewing machine and set up at the kitchen table. I didn't have any kind of crafting space back in our Virginia home. Kevin, however, did have an office space (for the record label he was running at the time),and the dogs had their own bedroom - Hmmmm.... Anyways, this is where I spend my nights, right next to the warm cozy fire with the baby monitor humming, my husband in the chair next to me (if I am lucky and he's home at a decent hour), and a dog sleeping at my feet.

Because this space is basically in a cave, it is really hard to photograph it. I apologize for the lack of pictures and the pictures that I did post. I had a rough time just getting these ones.

I have a long thin Ikea desk that is just perfect for holding my sewing machine at one end and Kevin's computer at the other. Above it are some shelves Kevin installed for me. The top shelf holds secret surprise projects, my yarn swift and winder, things that need mending and a couple of other random things. (the fact that I am unsure of those things means that I need to clean that shelf!)The shelf below that holds all of my fabric, sewing notions and wool felting supplies. The next shelf holds my yarn stash and my drop spindle and then finally, the bottom shelf holds my knitting needles, embroidery supplies, current WIPs and my craft books.(most of which can be seen here)

One of my favorite pieces of K art hangs by my sewing machine. She drew this in school last year the day after her 5th birthday celebration. Things made by my children really inspire me.

I have an old, beat up filing cabinet we found on craigslist to hold all of my knitting and sewing patterns, wool felt, tissue paper and other things of that nature. On top of the cabinet sits my knitting WIP basket.

Kevin's cup from childhood holds some regularly used notions, and it just plain old makes me smile!

Well, there you go. I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Please remember - this is just our family rhythm and what works for us at the moment. I am by no means an expert of any kind. This isn't meant to be hard and fast rules on how rhythm should go in every one or any one's homes. I just thought to share it because I receive quite a few e-mails asking about our home rhythm, and I also just wanted it documented for myself so that I may remember these times when they are older and/or on to another rhythm.

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