Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas by Children

Remember K's Christmas tree garland? Well, she started it a long time ago so some of you probably have no clue what I am talking about. I just checked the notes for it on ravelry and she started it back in June of 2009, right before we moved here. It was one of her Oregon Trail projects. Wow! Talk about patience. This Christmas decoration was almost 2 1/2 years in the making. I realize now that giving a 3 1/2 year old a huge ball of yarn to finger knit with is just too much and overwhelming for such a little one. When C really takes up finger knitting I will have to remember this.
Anyways, I think this garland was very much worth the wait, as it is the perfect touch from K to our family Christmas decorating.

Of course, it seems that it could really use another skein of yarn added to it, we really had to stretch and play with it to get it to fit the tree, but I wouldn't tell her that. Maybe C could knit one, too when she is a little older and add on to this one.

I am really enjoying reading Behold that Star - A Christmas Anthology with the girls each night. We borrowed it from our school library but we like it so much and there are copies of it available for .97 cents online, so I went ahead and bought us one for Christmas.

As for my knitting and reading:
Still reading Phoebe's Sweater, as I knit.
C's Phoebe's sweater is very slowly coming along. I just don't have any time to knit anymore. I am still doubtful about finishing up both of them by Christmas but I won't give up hope, yet! I just ordered the yarn for K's sweater today. It's back ordered and should be here in about 2 weeks. I had to have them ship it via UPS because the mail service has slowed down a lot since they made cut backs. I didn't even know about this until the seller mentioned it to me. Then I thought about it - our regular mail lady that we love (we call her Cindy-Lou-Who) hasn't been to our home in weeks now... I fear she was let go.

Boy, am I pushing it!! How are those of you that are participating in the Phoebe's Sweater KAL doing? If you're not participating in the KAL, what are you working on?
Happy creating!

If you are participating in the Phoebe's Sweater Knit Along, please add your link below. Also, please remember to link back here. Thanks!

Don't forget to enter for you chance to win a pocket gnome from Bright Life Toys here.

P.S. - Since she shared it publicly, I have to say how absolutely thrilled I am for my friend Marina and her family! Her husband is going to Sweden to accept his Nobel Peace prize(CONGRATS!) AND he'll be there during Santa Lucia time!! Ahem, I still want pics...

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