Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Heart of Advent

I just realized this whole week has been nothing but craft posts! Well, in my defense I had the pleasure of spending last Saturday at our school's Heart of Advent and that really got me going.

Kevin thankfully had the day off (after much fretting, on my end, that he wouldn't), and he and the little ones came to the school with me but to play outside instead.

This years Heart of Advent was even cozier and warmer than the last two years that I attended. I wish I could have stayed there for days on end. Friends, crafting and hot apple cider...what more could anyone ask for? Something new, and really one of my favorite things there, was a display where we all shared our family holiday traditions. It was so much fun to see what everyone celebrated and how they did it.

I only had two hours to get my craft on so I didn't take too many pictures. (well, that and I was having issues with the lighting, hence the dark pictures) I decided I would expand my horizons and try new things this year (ahem, or really just
dabble?). One thing I was really surprised at was the needle felted ornaments. I had never tried to needle felt a scene or picture before, only three dimensional objects.(and those take me hours to do, do I don't make them often) I have had this book for quite awhile to try one but just hadn't gotten around to it. I have to say I wish I did long ago because it was so fast and fun! Granted, I need to finish up my ornament and it looks like a child made it but I loved the process. Oh boy, another hobby...
I bounced from table to table like a madwoman catching up with old friends and making new ones all the while making as many things as I could. Of course with such good company, the two hours flew by like two minutes. I ended up only finishing one project - the treasure candles. (one for both of my girls. Each candle has dragon tears hidden inside. As the candle burns they will appear in the melted wax.)
I brought my other started projects home. Maybe I'll actually get around to finishing them before Christmas...

But I wouldn't quote me on that!

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