Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm a Cat Walker...

K is carrying on a tradition of sorts in our family, she is learning how to walk our cats outdoors on a leash. You see, our cats are indoor cats (because the current state of the world is just too cruel, and we would never want anything to happen to them), but we know they long to be outside exploring and munching on grass. Our compromise is to get them outdoors for a couple of hours at a time but on a leash.

My family used to do this with our cat when I was growing up, too. I can still see her in her collar and leash munching on grass by the deck at my Mom's house.

Now it's K's turn to keep this fun tradition going. We just started recently and so far two of our four cats are loving it. The other two are too jumpy to take outside just yet, unless an adult is walking them. K absolutely loves it. It helps to bring her closer to her furry friends while teaching her responsibility and building her confidence.

C will get her turn, too, once she is a little bit older. I know she can not wait!

So many memories came flooding back to me of walking my first cat as I was typing this post so I thought I would share a couple pictures I have of her out and about. I used to have more but can't seem to find them now. She traveled all over the world with me and was always out to explore her new surroundings. She was a well traveled cat, let me tell you!
*Little Warning - these pictures are copies of my original pictures. The quality of these are pretty horrible (and grainy, and washed out, oh I could go on and on) due to being copies. I took these pictures many years ago with my beloved manual film camera.

Kevin walking my kitty in South Korea (told you she went everywhere!)

Kevin walking her in the alley behind our home in South Korea

And just because I found these while looking for my cat walking pictures... a couple shots from our time living in South Korea. I have a lot of beautiful images I took of the temples and life there, but again they seem to have disappeared *sigh*. We loved living there and I hope we get to bring the girls there someday.

Cartoon cardboard stand ups outside of a military building


Thanks for letting me share! Wishing you all a beautiful weekend!



Anonymous said...

My cats are indoor cats too, I think it's cruel to let them out with all the dangers out there.
When I have my own home I'm going to build a big cat run for them, I did try walking one of them once, but we live on a very busy road and she freaked out just hearing the cars.

Linda said...

Oh wow, what amazing photos Nicole! We really should try this with our cats too. And how fantastic that you lived in Korea! That must have been so beautiful and wonderful!
Happy weekend to you:)

cat said...

you goofy girl..i love you..hehe those have got to be some of the sweetest pics!

when my cat was exclusively indoors, i had a harness for him and would try to walk him...he hated it..LOL! your's seem to really be happy though...nice!

go check out my blog today...;) i KNOW you will like you lady!

Madeline said...

I must say, this is the first time I've ever seen a cat on a leash. Yours look so content. All the cats I've owned would have scratched my eyes out if I put them on a leash.

TulsiLeaf said...

I LOVE those jumpers you have for the girls with the hearts on them. Where did you get them? Or did you knit them?

We are not a kitty family, but if we were we would have indoor kitties. I worked at a vets office for a while and I have seen many kitties hit by a car and things far worse.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

Oh my goodness, I was about to say how much I loved the second pic, but really they are all just so sweet! Our cat are indoors too, though 7 or 8 years ago they were outdoors also. Lately we have been sometimes been letting our oldest one out with us when we are in the garden, and I think it is so funny, I am letting the dog out and now the cat too.

Do you have any idea how giant our orange cat is???

Such fun long emails! But honestly I was half asleep last night when I read it, so will read once again, and talk with you later next week, as I like to stay away from the computer as much as I can all weekend long.

kreativberg said...

My daughter would love to walk our cat - but we have an outdoor-cat and doesn't like a laesh at all (my little daughter already tried). Love your fotos... and the pullovers are wonderful :)

Sparrow said...

I am trying to imagine doing this with one of my cats. Which would win out--curiosity, or hating the leash?

Homesteadgirl said...

This is hilarious! Cats on leashes always make me smile. Our cats are decidedly outdoorsmen...they prefer it. But they're much loved and petted and cuddled as we spend lots of time outside. I think they'd flip if I ever tried to put a collar on them. Your pics are the colours of the girls' sweaters!

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

K is just so darn cute. Did you knit her sweet sweater? :)
The South Korean photos are amazing. I am not sure it occurred to me your many moves might be military. Hard, but I imagine it takes you some amazing places. I traveled a lot as a kid. I still dream that I am a traveler. I suppose I am on pause, only to resume when our kids are grown. So I am enjoying them now and traveling vicariously through others!
On that tangential note,


haha! This is so sweet! I used to live in a neighborhood on the beach and EVERYONE had dogs. It was like a social thing to be outside walking your dog multiple times a day. There was one guy who would walk his siamese cat--- I used to love seeing the little cat run along with the guy through the sand dunes amongst all of the dog walkers. Of course it would drive all the dogs wild and caused quite a bit of trouble sometimes.
I love your S. Korea photos--- I didn't realize you all had traveled so much. What are some of the other places you've lived?
Great sweater too!

Anonymous said...

Our cat is allowed outside (supervised) in our privacy fenced in back yard. I like the idea of walking our cat. We've talked too about walking our bunny...who loves to nosh on fresh bits.

I grow wheatgrass for both inside...just to give them a little bit of fresh when a supervised outside romp is not on the agenda.

I think T would enjoy walking her animals. I need to give it a try :).

Dawn said...

Very cute! Did you know that indoor cats like to eat wheatgrass? I didn't, until one day I saw a pot of it at Whole Foods, labeled as "kitty grass". My cats loved it, and it helps with digestion.
This post made me think of a couple of books you might like. It's called A Cat Named Norton, and Norton in Paris. They're about a traveling cat.

hands follow heart said...

Lovely to see you back in cyberspace. Though I missed your inspiring blog I know how much it can "rob" you from real life! I look forward to seeing and hearing more from your projects. The girls matching jumpers are very sweet. I also loved the idea of a treasure bag! Have a great weekend,

Joy said...

K looks so sweet walking the cat. :) I loved the pictures from South Korea. So fascinating. It would certainly be amazing to take your kids back to visit sometime. My parents live in the Philippines and are always itching for me to bring the kids over. I just can't quite stomach that length of flight with little ones yet.

alyssa spring said...

Wow....i actually never knew that you could do this!
So glad to have you and all of your lovely photos back! Did you find inspiration while you were gone? :)

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Hee, hee. It is a bit of a surprise to see a cat on a leash, isn't it?! I couldn't even begin to tell you all the comments and looks we would get, especially on road trips :)
I didn't knit those sweet sweaters on my little ones but found them online. They are made by Kiwi Organics.

Nicola - Yep, every 4 years. Eeeek! I was fun when it was just Kevin and I but now with the girls and all of our animals it's a bit of work. I actually did a lot of traveling and moving before I met my husband as well.

Ariella - I would have LOVED to see a guy walking his siamese cat!! How great!!
I have lived so many places now I don't even know if I could name them all. Mostly within the USA - East coast,West coast, North, South in the middle.. just about everywhere :)

Dawn - Oh thank you for that! We will have to grow some for our little kitty zoo.

Alyssa - I did become a bit re inspired while I was gone, thanks for asking!

mommychick said...

That's amazing that you lived in Korea! I was born there and left when I was 4. The last time I was there was 15 years ago and haven't taken my children there yet. Some day...
Thanks for sharing your photos:-)

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