Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WIP Wednesday : Finding My New Rhythm

To finish up with my projects from Kids clothes week, I thought I would share some recent sewing adventures. I say 'adventures' because I am truly a creature of habit... Knitting has been my habit for almost four years now so switching gears over to sewing is a challenge for me. I am not as happy with my end results when it comes to sewing as I am with my knitting. Then again, I often have to remind myself that I didn't like my knitting results when I first started out, either. So I am trying to stick with it in hopes that sewing will come back to me and I will feel confident and comfortable with what I make in the future.

Phew! Ok enough rambling, onwards!

For a quick project Tuesday morning I made K a fabric headband. I figured it will start to get too hot for her to wear her wool knitted headbands pretty soon, so some thin cotton fabric ones seemed like a good solution. I couldn't find a pattern anywhere so I just made one up. I used up the last of the scraps from her bonnet to make this tester. It fits great but just needs a couple minor adjustments and then it will be perfect. I hope to make her quite a few for the summer months as well as a few smaller ones for C. Both of my girls constantly have bangs in their eyes, poor things.

I found some fabric on sale last weekend that seemed great for play dresses. It only ended up costing me $8.00 for enough fabric to make two play dresses with matching bloomers! I was so happy to find such a deal, now I am hoping I can continue in this direction. $4.00 a dress is cheaper than anything I could ever find at a thrift store, plus they are even more special because they are made with love... or so I am hoping!

I needed to add length to the dress pattern above but didn't have any tape so I had to make do with painters tape. Ha! Whatever gets the job done, right?! And yes, I am using my husband's childhood ruler.

Now to try my hand at making my own bias tape to finish off the collar on this dress. I plan on working on that tonight. I have a new rhythm going of knitting on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights (and whenever I can during the day, any day of the week) and sewing on the other nights. I am enjoying it quite a bit.

Lastly -

I finished the hem on K's dress, which thankfully is all even now, and I made bloomers to match K's dress and a pair to match C's, as well.

Picture taken before I finished the hem

Back to the sewing machine I go.
Happy creating!!



cat said...

i love that dress pattern...which is it?

great job ni! you are inspiring me to get out the ole' machine once again! hehehe

Anonymous said...

Cute bloomers and headband! I always love it when I find a good deal on fabric too.

Anonymous said...

love the bloomers....they are sweet and functional!
nice job mama!

TulsiLeaf said...

Oh, she's a dear!

I really love that dress and those bloomers.

I have a hard time getting into sewing for some reason. The machine I have isn't the best, but I will be soon switching out with my Mum and getting a nicer one. Which hopefully will make it easier for me to not hate it so much. The dress I started for Madeleine has been left from the last photo of it.

I love your little things for the girls. So pretty.


There's your girl again, with that fantastic spark in her eye!

sheepish said...

I know what you mean about finding a rhythm with the sewing machine. I just finished a dress for my Hazel and while I love it, I realize that there are flaws and I know what I would do differently next time.
I love the bloomers! So sweet.

kreativberg said...

I love the dress and bloomers, very special :)
I am starting with sewing clothes and I'm not too happy with my results but life is made of trial and error :)
Greetings from high up in the mountains of Austria!

Rhythm of the Home said...

yet another of your posts that makes me wish that I had a girl.

I love bloomers.

Great work Sweetie!

XO, Julia

Kara said...

cute, cute, and more cute!

Kids clothes week was pretty much a bust for me - I lack confidence, skill, and comfort at the sewing machine right now, myself. BUT, I have a heart to learn so I hope that by sewing a little each day it will come more naturally.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring, as always :-)

Twig and Toadstool said...

You seem to be taking off with sewing!!! Good for you! The dress, headband and bloomers are fantastic! Love it!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

I love that I now get to get sewing inspiration from you too! Glad you are finding your rhythm. Funny, I just mentioned making some headbands too, posted my sewing challenge results... Now on to birthday girl sewing... though my girls really need some bloomers too!
Happy sewing... xoxo

Nadja Magdalena said...

So very cute (and the dress and bloomers are pretty darned sweet, too)!!!

*Michelle* said...

$4 a dress is a great goal! Please share the dress pattern. :) I'm hoping to get that machine out this summer.

Love the bloomers!

Linda said...

Nicole, you are so talented with all the sewing you do, I really want to sew more:) Thanks for the inspiration:)

Julie said...

LOVE the bloomers! I'm the same way about sewing but you know what they say about practise making perfect. Or, not too shabby anyway.

Marina said...

The stump!

Oh the cuteness, I love it all!

nocton4 said...

wonderful .. you must be very pleased with all of them, so lovely.Like you, I am normally a knitter, sewing is a very new adventure for me.
thanks for your great comment on my very humble sewing
happy days xx

Grace said...

That dress is precious. I am in love with that fabric. I've been seeing it around lately...

Feather said...

i'm in love with the lace-trimmed bloomers! so darling. i caught you off poppies and milk today and i love your blog. the canopy outside looks so magical! very clever. nice meeting you!

sarah in the woods said...

The bloomers are adorable!

Sarah said...

Oh my heavens! Those are CUUUUUUTE! You rock, mama!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

so adorable!!

Heidi said...

crafing for little girls is so much fun. I am doing a little last minute costume making for my 9 year old for her school storybook parade.
I just wish she would have given me more than a 3 day notice for her costume choice!
Happy sewing!

Patty-Cake Manners said...

What sweet things you've made! Love the bloomers. I've been working on an outfit for my little one. Little girl clothes are so much fun!

Nicole Spring (Frontier Dreams) said...

Thanks everyone! I know my sewing isn't very exciting to see, but it's such progress for me <3 Thanks for putting up with it :)

The dress I am currently working on (pictured on top of my sewing machine with the red cover is: Butterick B4176 view B with alternations ;)

The dresses I made for K and C with the Alexander Henry apple/pear fabric are:
Butterick B5165 C's was view B and K's view A, both with added length and I didn't add the ties so it fit more loosely.

The bloomer pattern I use is:
McCall's M4505


Joy said...

Not sure how I missed this the other day, but it all looks lovely! Those bloomers are adorable. $4 for a play dress is amazing, especially when it's mama-made. :) I feel the same way about knitting and sewing. I'm trying to get into sewing more too. I'm working on pj pants for Finn right now so hopefully I can show those off next Wed. Cute fabric helps. ;)

Nicola (Which Name?) said...

Super super cute. Oh, she is getting so big now. You are an excellent sewer, Nicole, it is interesting to read that you shy away from it a bit.
Hung out with Marina on Wednesday. She excitedly told me you two got to talk on the telephone for awhile. :)

Stephanie said...

How sweet!! LOVE the last she's picking up her skirt before dashing off into the woods to find her fairy friends. I'm a knitter of the past 25 years, and although my mom is an excellent seamstress, and I know how to sew, I don't really enjoy it. Although I REALLY love the quick results...I could never KNIT a dress in an evening, but sew? Sure! Keep at it...and do get coaching from an older mom knows lots of tips you don't find in books, and is STILL teaching me!

luciana said...

I feel the same way as you about knitting/sewing. I'm much more confident with my knitting needles than with the sewing machine. But I'm actually enjoying the fact that I can finish a sewed garment much quicker than a knitted one. Your projects look amazing in special K's finished dress and bloomers. Well done!

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