Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WIP Wednesday: On the Twelfth Day of Christmas...

Getting neighborly

Continuing with our celebration of the Twelve (handmade) days of Christmas...

Remember how I picked up a knitting project right before Christmas to calm my nerves? Well, I unintentionally finished it just in time for Christmas so I gave it to K as one of her presents. She loves it. She calls it her 'sweater without sleeves'.

*Please note that these pictures are pre-blocking,so the collar is all floppy.*
The pattern is free on ravelry (Of course! Oh how I love that site!). I love how the Georgia Peach knitted up, too. Yep, still my favorite colorway! I altered the neighborly a tiny bit and I typed it all up in my notes here. Although the button placement on the left instead of the right was not intentional! I don't know how I managed that one, but at least it still looks ok!

I don't have any photos of K wearing it due to the disappearance of father sun in these parts lately, but hopefully sometime soon he will reappear and I can be camera happy again.

Something for ME!

I have quite a few scars on my lower back from burning myself over and over again with my hot water bottle. I decided that really needed to stop happening so I knit up a hot water bottle cover for myself...yes something for ME, can you believe it? Granted the whole family uses it but still...
I found the pattern on ravelry and thought it would be a perfect way to use up some leftover yarn in my stash. I also needed more practice on my stranding so what better project?! It was fun and quick to knit up, I have used it quite a lot already.

I almost forgot to mention that today is Epiphany/Three Kings Day, the last day of the twelve days of Christmas. The girls and I are a little sad to see it end but we also welcome the change this New Year brings. We are taking down all of our decorations today and packing them away until next December, but Christmas will last a little longer here in blog land as I share the rest of our handmade holiday.

Wishing you all a wonderful Epiphany/Three Kings Day!



Anonymous said...

I love your hotwater bottle cover, I use one almost all year round, much to the amusment of my husband and I am always burning myself on it!

boatbaby said...

Ok, if Father Sun isn't on the west coast... and he certainly is not here on the east coast... where the heck is he?!?!
Your knitted goods are lovely as always, you are really talented!

Nadja Magdalena said...

What great projects! I love Ravelry, too (I'm TNmama on Ravely).

Your hot water bottle cover is great. I haven't yet found the nerve to knit with two colors, but it looks like a good project to try it on--maybe with just a center band of checks.

Happy Epiphany to you!

Joy said...

What a beautiful "sweater without sleeves"! I love the colors too. I'll bet it looks great on K! I can't believe you finished it so quickly. The three kings are adorable. :) Happy Epiphany/Three Kings Day!

cat said...

we are taking our decorations down's also j's birthday today...:)

love the sweater without sleeves..teehee...thanks for sharing love!

Anonymous said...

both of those knitting projects turned out fantastic - I am really wanting to make that "neighborly" pattern for my girls.

Naturalearthfarm said...

The carved three wise men are beautiful.
Happy Day. Warm wishes,

Adele said...

What a sweet little neighborly! Thanks for the lovely pictures.

Jennifer said...

I love the hot water bottle cover, great job on doing something for yourself.

Jennifer Sullivan said...

I love clicking on your knitting photos (they get REALLY BIG) and imagining how every little stitch was made by hands rather than a machine. Such beauty!

Love the detail in the button. Nice touch!

julia said...

A hot water bottle holder!!! WOW.

I am so lame, I fill a 2 liter seltzer bottle with scalding tap water and put it under the sheets before I get into bed to "pre-heat" the bed.

Your idea is WAY better.

Dia said...

Love your projects!! I knit SO MANY fingerless gloves for pressies, & a couple of pair for myself (usually with marked down yarn from the shop next to my office) & yes, some for me :)
My son-in law manages the Starbucks in town, & asked for a couple of pair for the drive-up window - & took the pair I made him in as a sample - I hear the employees love them!

I made my first sweater with shaped sleeves this year - a little ballet wrap (for me - need to change dimensions for the granddaughters!)
I'm also a hot water bottle fan - & lavender essential oil is great for both pain relief & healing when you have heat injuries (inc. burns & sunburns!)
Happy New year!

waldorfmama said...

happy epiphany, dear blogging twin of mine. :) love, love, love the neighborly - those colors! :) and i've just got to make a hot water bottle cover now. thank you for the inspiration! hugs ~ shelley

KnitterMama said...

OH I LOVE the vest. Really so pretty and cozy.

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

How nice that you knitted something for yourself! And K's sweater is super cute. I love the tree button!

nicola@which name? said...

that sweater is absolutely adorable! i have knitting skill envy.

Marina said...

I'm keeping Father Sun hostage here to make you come out and visit :D

I love that sweater.. photos soon PLEASE of K in it??

So glad you made something for yourself, sweet friend!

xoxo, M

Beth said...

That little vest is quite sweet! Beth

healing hillary said...

the neighborly is such a fun knit! i love the colors you chose.

and the hot water bottle nice job mama!

Melissa said...

Where, oh where are your magi from? I am in LOVE! with them (and your blog). Fondly, a new reader. :)

gardenmama said...

Father Sun actually said hello here for a tiny visit, like our cats we sat by the windows for a few minutes : ) We too celebrate the twelve days of Christmas and have really enjoyed this time and are sad to see it go as well. I really love the bottle cover, ahh to be a child in your home with all of those cozy and beautiful hand knits!

Nicole Spring said...

mamauk - you NEED the hot water bottle cover, too. You sound like me! :p
Boatbaby - ha,ha, I think he is hibernating!!
Nadja - Yay, ravelry is so great, isn't it? This indeed is the perfect project to start stranding with.
Joy - Thanks! Thats what stress does to me, makes me knit more and faster! Ha,ha. I love Finn's sweater <3
Cat - Happy (now belated) birthday J!! I hope you guys had a great one, pics????
Kelly and Kelly - Thanks! It's really a fast knit.
Naturalearthfarm - Thank you, happy day to you too!!
Adele - Thank you for your kind words!
Jennifer - Thanks! I figured it was about time.
Jennifer Sullivan - Oh thank you! I am so in love with that button!!
Julia - Your idea is much more creative!!
Dia - Wow, what a great idea - fingerless gloves for the employees. Thank you for the lavender oil info! I need to remember that!
Waldorfmama - I can't wait to see your hot water bottle cover! I know it will be BEAUTIFUL! I miss chatting with you, my cyber twin!! <3
Knittermama - Thank you!I finally set up our winter nature table and took pics... coming soon ;)
Renee - Thank you! Isn't it funny how long it takes us to make things for ourselves?!
Nicola - Thank you! Ok you teach me how to use power tools and I'll help with knitting :)
Marina - AH HA! YOU STOLE FATHER SUN! Opps, didn't mean to yell, hee, hee. You've forced us to come visit now... <3 <3
Beth - Thank you!
Hillary - Thanks! I may have more neighborlys to make in the future now, I love that pattern. I love the one you made for T!
Melissa - Hi and welcome! Thank you for the kind words! The magi are from they are so sweet.
Gardenmama - You want to come over and be with all our knits? Have some tea with us? Can we come over there afterwards and see your amazing garden? Thank you for your kind words <3

erika~ the inspired mama said...

i love your neighborly! that is is definitely in my queue!! very nice :)


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