Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

Tick-tock says the clock,
it's twelve of the night.
The New Year's here
and the stars are bright.

The old year's gone,
he's tired and worn.
Christmas is past,
the tree all shorn.

The star-children come
in the dead of night,
like three Wise Men
bringing the light.

Tick-tock says the clock.
The New Year's come.
Good Year to you all
until the next to come!
- Elsa Beskow

We wish you all a joyous and peaceful New Year!
I'll be back Monday with more of our handmade holiday, carrying on with our celebration of the twelve days of Christmas.
All the best!!



Linda said...

Happy New Year to you and your family...

Anonymous said...

happy New Year Nicole!

Jennifer said...

Love that poem, Happy New Year to you as well.

healing hillary said...

Happy New Year Nicole and Family!

Heather said...

Og I love the 12 days of Christmas. Looking forward to seeing how you celebrate.

Sara said...

Happy New Year! That is such a sweet photo.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Hopefully we can meet up in 2010!!!

Anonymous said...

happy new year!

MammaNatura said...

Happy 2010 o you and your sweet family!!

larissa said...

Happy New Year! Wishing all that you need to be happy and healthy this year.

Mona said...

Oh, fun to read our beloved Elsa in english. Didn't recognize it at first :)

Happy new year!

Carrie said...

Happy New Year!

Nicole Spring said...

Thank you everyone! I hope you had a great one!!

kirschkernzeit said...

I wish you too a very, very happy and bright and cosy and creative year! I am gratefull that I've found your wonderful blog; you're a true inspiration and after having read your post I feel a rush to be also a more patient and creative mother...
The gifts you've made for your girls are awsome!
But what K. made for her family isn't bad either; I LOVE her latern and those magical magnets!
bora from Switzerland

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