Monday, October 19, 2009

Loving our Locals

We are extremely fortunate to live in an area with a plethora of farmers markets all within a short drive. All of them are equally wonderful, but I thought I would share one of our favorites - the Oregon City Farmers Market.
The atmosphere is so very welcoming and open. I have never met so many kind people in such a small radius before.

Every time we go I am pleasantly surprised by the amount and the price of the local organic produce. I am used to the poor selection and absurd prices that we had at the farmers market back in Virginia, so this is like a dream.
One of K's favorites is the local organic CSA stand. She loves their tomatoes and enjoys filling up her bucket with them.

C, on the other hand, just enjoys eating everything she can get her hands on. She is usually covered in food (as you can see) by the time we head back to the van.

We picked up quite a few goodies this last trip. The usual assortment of fall veggies (notice almost all the tomatoes K picked out are already gone by the time we get home) and some local honey.

But this last trip was extra special for us because we had two special orders waiting for us there. One was some sweet smelling beeswax we requested from out local beekeepers and the other was a custom bird feeder. The people that made the bird feeder are some of the nicest I've ever met. I love that they use wood found on the ground to make their sweet creations. Feeding and providing safe havens for birds is important to us and I think this little bird feeder is just perfect for helping us with that.

I love that it looks like a little log cabin, and the fact that I met and know the person that created it for our birds makes it that much more special.

If you look closely enough in the picture above you can see a little black capped chickadee eating til his heart's content.
Feast away my feathered friend, feast away!

What do you pick up from your local farmers market?



healing hillary said...

sweet little bird house. and capture the little birdie in it...even more sweet.
we love our local farmers too. yum! good score on the beeswax. i'll look forward to seeing your creations.


kate said...

That birdhouse is so sweet! Almost as sweet as the pics of those veggie-lovin' little ones:)
Right now, our farmer's market trips consist of squash and apples, apples and squash. Hopefully, we've frozen enough of the other goodies from summer's harvest to last as treats during our root vegetable months!

Linda said...

Your farmers' markets are wonderful and your bird feeder is lovely...

Simple Mama said...

What a cute little bird feeder. Where did you order your beeswax from? I have family in Milwaukie - just around the corner from Oregon City and there is a fab. Beekeeping supply store just down the freeway from them. The name escapes me right now, but it's where we pick up our beeswax.

Diana's said...

I loved seeing the photos of the great organic foods, the kids, and the bird houses...

It is wonderful to see folks taking time to enjoy life :)

Organically Yours,

Tahara said...

The bird feeder is really beautiful!...The girls look so cute at the market enjoying the food :-)

Cristina said...

i love the birdhouse! my favorite thing at the farmer's market is finding rennet-free Parmesan cheese made locally :)

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

Thank you, everyone!
Cristina - How lucky you are!! We haven't found any cheese that is rennet free, yet. Why does it seem like all organic cheese has it? Ughhh!

Simplemama - You'll have to give me your source! I think the beekeeper I ordered ours from is Mountain Meadow Bees.

Lizz said...

Welcome to Oregon.

Here's our market haul from a week or two back:

It's the norm here, you see.

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of K filling her tomato box, how lovely!

renee ~ heirloom seasons said...

We have been really appreciating all that is available to us locally as well. We didn't make it to the market a lot this season, but did enjoy many visits to our dear friends farm.
Maybe you can make your own cheese if you find a good source for local organic milk? I just recently learned that there is vegetable rennet which you can use instead. We are a vegan family, but have been recently considering having our own chickens for eggs and maybe goats too! So I was excited to learn about the vegetable rennet.

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