Friday, September 11, 2009

Travel Log : Day 10 - The end of the trail

Go west, paradise is there
you'll have all that you can eat of milk & honey over there...
The end of the trail is here! Although it didn't take us the 6 months it took the original pioneers, our 10 days were wonderful yet still long enough for us weary travelers. We are ready to claim our land and settle in paradise.

Flowers outside our hotel in Oregon

I can not begin to tell you how happy this made me!!

I love how everything in this city is Oregon Trail related

The OFFICIAL ending point of the trail. I was tempted to kiss it but restrained myself.

The only thing left at the center

The End of the Oregon Trail Center, a place we were very much looking forward to visiting, very sadly closed down for good on Labor Day. We just missed it. I spoke with some of the workers there as they were packing up, and you could see they were all heart broken over this (after mentioning something about lack of funding). I felt horrible. I can't believe they could close down such a place, especially after following the trail ourselves - it has become part of us now.

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who followed us on our journey. We will miss all that we got to experience but we are looking forward to settling down, too. I hope we didn't bore you too much over the past couple of weeks, and maybe even sparked some interest to explore the trail. I look forward to embracing our next chapter in life with open arms. I'll be back Monday after a weekend of exploring our surroundings. One last time - Happy trails to you!!

I have to extend my thanks and gratitude to all of you for your heartwarming responses to my last post. It was hard on me to witness that day after day. I honestly was a bit apprehensive to post my emotions on the matter. I decided to do it anyways because this blog has become a journal of sorts for me and it doesnt make sense to hide who I am or what I am feeling even if it is completely un-related to the usual. Thank you so very much for allowing me to share, especially being so far from everyone I know, and the life that I know. This is an emotional time for me, for sure. Thank you again.



Joy said...

I'm sad for you that the Trail Center was closed. I'm glad you reached the end of your journey safely, though. Good luck settling in! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on arriving at your destination! You must all be so excited!

Linda said...

It has been lovely to travel along on your journey :) My daughter would like to know where you bought your little one's bonnet from, she would also like to own one.

Melanie said...

Oh, go ahead and kiss it...maybe it's like the Blarney Stone:) We're heading the beach today to enjoy the sand and surf one last time for the summer. Breathe deep and enjoy the weekend!

eringoodman said...

congratulations mama!!!!!

it has been such a joy to follow along with you on your journey!

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Oregon City...all the landmarks in your photos are so familiar to me. And yes, everything is about the Oregon Trail in OC...even down to the High School mascot, The Pioneer :). Congrats on reaching the end of the trail!

Erin J said...

Welcome to the West! I grew up in Idaho and my husband grew up in Oregon. Since I was a little girl I have been enamored with the Oregon Trail and I love that you followed it on your move.

I hope you enjoy exploring your new home. :)

Nicola said...

what a wonderful journey!
and thanks for visiting my blog! i am lucky to know sweet marina in real life. she's as nice as she seems!

Alida said...

Well, how serendipitious (sp?) that I should happen across your blog today. It just so happens that I live in Salem Oregon. Will you be stopping by our Capital?

If so, don't miss Riverfront Park. It so much fun for the kids and has a very cool Carousel. It also has sprinklers for the kids to cool off in. Enjoy!

Heather said...

What a wonderful journey you have taken.
We recently found my old sun bonnet from childhood in a box in the garage, and seeing your little one in hers makes me smile. I can not wait to share mine with my daughter

natalia and family said...

hi, just wanted to say what a wonderful job you are doing with those two beautiful girls. We use ONLY wool cloths here in Norway, and i just wanted to tip you on a store selling the most gorgeous colored 100% woolens. It's not in english, but still, they are really good. Made by Engel, in Germany. Disana has a lot of the same things, but not the cool stripes.all the best, natalia

FrontierDreams said...

Thank you everyone! We are happy to be here!

Linda - I made C's bonnet with some beautiful fabric my friend Marina sent me. The pattern can be found on the angry chicken blog. HTH!

Melanie - The Blarney stone was the 1st thing that came to mind for me! How funny!

Emilie - Thank you, this seems like a wonderful place to grow up!

Alida - Thank you! We won't be visiting the capital anytime soon after all our driving but maybe sometimes in the next couple of years. We will be sure to check that out!

Heather - How wonderful! Take pictures!

Natalia and family - Thank you so much, you're very kind. I got your e-mail and I love that site! Thank you!!

Noreen said...

I'm sorry you missed seeing the Oregon Trail Center. I was shocked to read here that it closed. I visited there shortly after it opened and it was a great museum. I also followed (by car) quite a bit of the trail, and walked in the ruts in several places. And I saw the end of the trail, too. It is for me, one of the most interesting parts of American history. I would love to have followed the trail the way you did.

FrontierDreams said...

Noreen, thank you for stopping by! It really saddened me to find the end of our long travels closed down, but the trip itself - following the real trail traveled back then, will always be with us.

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