Monday, August 17, 2009

How I spent my birthday

Last Wednesday the girls and I had a day out in Williamsburg with our friend
Tiffeni. It was a nice relaxed way to celebrate my birthday (well, other than the heat that was so bad I literally saw stars and had to sit down a few times). We were fortunate to stop by our local CSA and get a tour. I didn't know we were going to the CSA but coincidentally I had the girls dressed in little farm girl outfits. How appropriate! The farm was very inspiring. Their barn and fencing were made from trees that fell during a hurricane that hit the area a couple years back. All of the crops looked amazing and the girls had a blast meeting the animals.

C pointing to one of the horses

K anxious to see a horse up close

After the CSA we stopped by Colonial Williamsburg for some quick tree climbing and a stop at a local shop. I was determined to find a handmade cardinal ornament as my reminder of our time in Virginia (the cardinal is VA's state bird) and thought that would be the perfect place to look. Fortunately, it was! I found the sweetest hand carved wooden cardinal. He is now happily all packed away and ready for our move.

Beautiful tree

K and Tiffeni being fairies in a tree (according to K, at least).

Seeing the sheep one last time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! My MIL arrived Sunday night from PA to help us out preparing for the move and to see us off. K had her first ever night away from us Sunday night. She spent the night with Grandma. It's so bittersweet. My little one is growing up so fast!

I have lots of goodies to share for WIP Wednesday. See you then!



Kimberley said...

I love Colonial Williamsburg! I haven't been there in Mia has embraced the sleepover this summer as well...spending nights at Gramma's house...for years she wouldn't sleep anywhere but right next to she calls my Mom up all the time to go over! It is special for both granddaughter and grandmother...

Anonymous said...

The outfits were perfect for that setting. Serendipity! :) I was looking back at your birthday crowns -- they are the prettiest I've seen yet. Would you mind sharing where you found the cute birthday ring swan? I haven't seen one as detailed as that for sale. Thanks so much. Joyce from Colorado

Becky said...

I love your very cute blog and adorable family. I "hopped" over here via soulemama. Keep up to the beautiful blogging!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness...c's outfit is absolutely darling, hat and all! did you sew the little skirt? or is an apron? whatever it is it has left me inspired!

glad your birthday was delightful and memory making!

Tahara said...

Happy Belated Nicole!...It sounds like you had a lovely time...I love the girls outfits :-)

Hope said...

Tell Tiffeni that Hope from NC said hello!!!

FrontierDreams said...

Kimberley- Thank you! And what sweetness Mia shares with her Gramma <3

Joyce- Welcome and thank you for your kind words. I had to special order that swan. It's made by grimm's. HTH!

Becky- Welcome! Thank you for your encouragement an kind words!

Hillary- Thanks! The dress C is wearing is handmade but not by me...this time! :p I got it off etsy (K has a matching one). I had to get them as soon as I saw them, they are made out of one of my favorite fabrics. We also have an apron, blanket and 2 burp rags made out of it.

Tahara- Thanks you <3

Hope- I see her one last time on Friday so I will let her know! :)

gardenmama said...

Your blog looks so pretty Nicole, I love the rounded photos in your sidebar! Your girls are too cute, look at the bonnets!!!! so sweet : ) Many blessings to you as you are navigating this journey to a new place!

Marina said...

What a lovely way to spend your birthday!

Your girls are so absolutely gorgeous (and SUCH cute outfits *must control little girl longings*!) I'm afraid to show this post to Matteo and Nico or else they're going to fall head over heals as I have! :)

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