Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Summer Solstice (and Father's Day)!

Flaming light,
Shine so bright,
Flaming light,
Give your might,
Make us strong and make us bold
Turn our world to living gold.
- M.Meyerkort

Hope everyone has a great one! We are on the tail end of a wonderful week filled with visits from our dear friends and my mother. <3


Outer banks find

We threw this together fast so it's not looking all that great right now,not to mention my not so great pics! Sorry!!



Joy said...

On the contrary, I think your table is adorable. Our pieces don't stay in one spot long enough for me to photograph yet. The kids have been picking it apart and playing with it incessantly...which is the point, I guess. ;) Happy solstice!

FrontierDreams said...

aww thanks!
i know what you mean about picking it apart. my girlies do that too. they help me put it together and give me about 2 mins to take pics :p

dottyspots said...

Happy Solstice to you too!

I also think your table looks just fine (and much more organised than mine atm ;0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Solstice to you!!!!I think it is beautiful!!! Looks so summery!! I just love your blog and would love to do a link exchange with you.

Kelly from

FrontierDreams said...

thanks :) we are workign on it a bit more this week :P

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Your nature table is LOVELY!! It makes me want to remake ours first thing in the morning!!

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