Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sweet Slumber

Here it is finally some pics of K's new bed! I know K's Nana has been waiting for these photos!

For everyone else that doesn't know they story behind this:
A couple weeks ago we finally got a much needed bed for K. She has been needing her own bed for quite some time but we knew we wanted an organic one for her and couldn't afford one. Plus it made us a little nervous b/c organic beds seem to only be online and you can't test them out. Then after research we found out we have a local organic bed store that has huge sales and clearances. We stopped in, tried them out and fell in love. K's mattress is the most comfortable in the house. It's locally made,and 100% organic made out of organic wool (from loved and happy sheep) and natural tree rubber. Even her bed itself is made in the USA from sustainably harvested trees. This was a purchase we could 100%feel great about! Ok well minus the fact that we used a credit card so will be paying it off for about a year! tee hee.

There are now wooden drawers under her bed, we didn't have them finished when I took the pic.
The bedding and everything else in her room doesn't really go with her room right now but we bought them for our next house. We are going to lazure her walls in the traditional peach blossom color. I picked this lavender color (in her current room)when I was pregnant with K and it seemed nice at the time. Now it just feels cold to me. Also we are slowly adding furniture in our home so K doesn't have much in her room but her bed. We hope to get a nightstand soon and some other things in there.

K and her beloved Fiona bear:

Rotating picture next to her bed above her doll cradle so she can reach it. from waldorf-toys

Pics hanging above her bed. Photos didn't come out the best b/c of the glass.

cows by Ruth Elasser

mama and baby by Ruth Elasser

K's zodiac sign,forgot the artist...

Doll cradle that was mine growing up now in K's room holding Sita,the doll C gave K when she was born. Super cute gnome quilt made by Ram in the Thicket on Etsy

K and K baby,her favorite doll.

Fairy hanging over her head when she sleeps:

Here's a pic that shows her drawers

These are the first few pics we took. I'll post more later on :)



Anonymous said...

How happy little K looks! And how wonderful that you could find such a great bed locally! Love the rotating picture. Where might I find one?

Anonymous said...

i love the little HA booties by the bed.
the doll bed is just darling...what a wonderful little sanctuary in the making you are creating!

Anonymous said...

Oh, there it is! I hope she is enjoying it, and I can certainly do a pillow for you ;o)

MamaBirdEmma said...

I would love to know where you found the beautiful rotating picture!

FrontierDreams said...

thanks ladies :) we are slowly but surely getting there :)

are those boiled wool sippers so cute?!

the rotating pic and frame can be found at:

i got our rotating pics locally from kinderhaus toys but the frame from the above site.

oh and yes im going to need a matching pillow :) i'll send you a message, i wanna ask some questions ;)

Anonymous said...

It's beautiful Nicole...Such a lovely bed and a wonderful space!

Anonymous said...

Looks dreamy

Kimberley said...

Ah! The bed and bedroom are gorgeous! What a lucky little girl!

Lizz said...


COLLEEN said...

what a beautiful room and gorgeous bed. great rotating picture and lovely prints. all of it is just wonderful. she is one lucky little girl.

FrontierDreams said...

thanks everyone! i look forward to when we have more money to do more to her room :)

Stephanie said...

That sure is a bright smile on her face!!
Congratulations on the bed and space.

Becky said...

just beautiful!
Was the extra wide frame and print from Waldorf toys also, would love that for my childrens bedroom, too?
thanks :D

FrontierDreams said...

miesmama- which frame and print were you referring to? the white frames and postcards in them? or a different one? lmk :) but those postcards were from kinderhaus toys and the frames were just old ones i had around.

Carol said...

It's all so lovely... it makes me wish I could have my children all over again, and furnish their rooms in this way! Four out of my five did go to a Waldorf school, (at least for some of their schooling), but these kinds of wonderful pictures, etc weren't available to me when most of them were little. Oh well, at least I can now spoil my grandchildren !! (of which I have two and a half!)
K is the most beautiful little girl, and looks very happy..... xx

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