Sunday, January 18, 2009

Adventures in Food & My Friend's Birthday

"We must remember that our primary task with little children is to protect them and to provide good models for them to imitate. Children take into themselves everything they experience in the environment. Whatever is in them will affect their physical and spiritual growth. By positively affecting your children, you are beginning to impact your grand children's lives!"- 'beyond the Rainbow Bridge'

I've been in a quoting mood. We started up a Waldorf book club of sorts on MDC. The first book we are reading is 'You are your Child's First Teacher'. Anyone who would like to join come on over!


Yep, C is officially eating solids. On our trip up north she was really grabbing for our food at the table and getting quite upset when she couldn't have it. So I gave her a mashed banana in NY and she devoured it. I knew her time had come. How bittersweet for me.K didn't start until almost a year old. C is 8 months. I make all her food for her.

Some of her faves:



sweet peas

She also loves (but I haven't had the chance to photograph) avocados,sweet potatoes and corn.

My friend Michelle is having a birthday and in true Buddhist fashion she is giving away a present. (Although she is not a Buddhist, but it reminds me of Uncle Ry in 'zen Shorts'. Love it! Here's the link to her blog:



k-e-household said...

I lurk on mothering but don't have an account....I am currently reading You Are Your Childs First Teacher too! I am writing down ideas and learning lots of valuable things about hyper-scheduling, etc. I'll check out the mothering link and keep lurking!

Michelle, Queen Behind the Lens! said...

Thanks, Ni. :) I cannot get my baby girl interested in solids yet at all-- nothing. I guess I'll wait awhile & try again. Silly girl.

Marina said...

Yummy looking baby food for a yummy looking babe! Great shots Nicole :)

~JEN~ said...

wow! i had no idea our babies were so close in age.
olive is 8 months too. She is in love with food, my eldest keira stayed uninterested until well after her first birthday....

beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

Hi. I like your blog! I'd love to know if the wooden bowls you use ever get discoloured by the food. I'm thinking of using wooden bowls too. Also, where did you buy the spoons?


Anonymous said...

You are your child's first teacher is an amazing book. I would read it each night as I nursed our youngest to sleep then run upstairs to talk the ideas over with my husband. This book changed our family. Our son has been in Waldorf school for 2 years but this book helped us to understand the why of how things are done at school, I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did

Kimberley said...

I love You are Your Child's First Teacher and was inspired to re-read it with your post! Thank you!

FrontierDreams said...

my 3 year old is currently under the weather so i am so sorry it's been awhile!

k-e-household- come on out of lurking mode and join us!! :)

michelle- k was the same way! it's funny how diferent they can all be!!

marina- thanks!shes eating even more now! my little piglet.

faeriefeig- aww they are close in age! yeah my oldest couldn't have cared less about food. even now at the age of 3 shes not that into it.

sasha- welcome! i got the spoons at and i have some other i got from camden rose. we got the bwols from nova and camden as well.
we have not had any problems with discoloration. my bigger spoons are slightly discolored though due to me using olive oil instead of beeswax to care for them so that was all my fault.
but its all surprisingly easy to care for. we just make sure to scrub them right away after every meal so the food doesn't get stuck (b/c you don't want to soak wood in water), and then beeswax them every few days. hth!

angela- thank you for sahring that! the book is amazing isn't it? it'sbeen awhile since i read it so i have forgotten a lot in it. ive got my highlighter handy this time to remember all the inportant things!

kimberley- yay!! come join our discussion on it!

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