Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday is 'Painting Day'

Wednesday we get out our paper,soak it in the sink until it's nice and wet,grab our painting board,paint brush and paint jar holder,then get out our special 'wet on wet' paint from the fridge. K loves the preparation for painting as much as she loves painting itself.
Wet on wet painting is so graceful and imaginative.
She paints for an hour or so on average. Right now we are using the color yellow. I was letting her use red,yellow and blue until I researched more and discovered we are supposed to only be using 1 color at a time to start. So it's yellow for a couple months,then we'll put that away and get out the red for a couple months,then put that away and get out the blue. Once we have gone through those 3 colors individually then we'll do all 3.

Her finished works from the day:

The beauty and vibrant colors of the paint don't really show up in photos.
We decorate our house with her pics once they are dry.

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