Friday, November 9, 2007

Very belated birthday photos and Nana's visit

First are pictures of K and her Nana at Kinderhaus taking a wet-on-wet painting class. This is one of K's favorite things to do, so I thought it would be a nice present for her to do it with her Nana. She had so much fun and made lots of paintings that are hanging up in her playroom. The one Nana painted for her is hanging up in the playroom as well. In the second picture you can see (L to R) K, Tiffeni (giving the class)and Nana.

Next are pics of K in Nana's hotel hot tub. It was too cold at night to swim in the outdoor pool, so the indoor hot tub was much better. Funny, being a hot tub you'd think the water would be hot but it was much colder than any bath water we've ever been in!

Lastly are pics from K's birthday party.

First up is K's birthday ring and her trying to blow out the candles. She enlisted the help of her Nana and her best friend, Fiona.

Once they got the candles out it was time for cake. K and Fiona ate at K's table. That was the first time she ate there so she was excited about that.
I have yet to stain and finish the table and chairs. The morning sickness knocked me out for 2 months this time.

Next is K playing with her doll house under the playcloth wrapping. She didn't realize she could open it I guess LOL. Fiona came to help her out.

K and Fiona decided that the wooden veggies (eggplants) she got worked great as phones and called each other. They had very separate conversations with one another. It was pretty funny to watch and hear!

The next photo was the present that was the hit of the party. It was from Uncle Mark, Aunt Theresa and cousins Kimberly, Kelly and Katie. It's a toy that basically teaches her about gravity. Her and Fiona thought it was the best thing ever!!

Sadly, shortly after her party, Nana had to fly back home to NY. We went to see her off. K even wore her new 'Banana shoes' (as she calls them) that Nana got her. We were all sad to see her go. Her visit was the best birthday present K got!

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