Thursday, July 7, 2016


July 4th ice cream garden playing with yarn finger knitting tent bells of Ireland dusk s'mores time s'mores

Our Independence day this year was full of family time spent out in nature. Truly, is there anything better than that? Thankfully the temperature finally dropped down from the hundreds allowing us to actually enjoy the outdoors. We didn't get to actually go camping - Baby F is not quite ready for that but our backyard sufficed. That night was Little L's first time sleeping in a tent. I doubt it will be his last. The girls have spent the last couple of nights camping out in the tent on their own. Such memories they are building!

And speaking of independence...

This little guy of mine just turned five months (and has gained 10 pounds since birth!) and has decided that he is going to skip sitting up on his own and go straight into crawling instead. He does have a few older siblings to catch up with after all. Ack! Slow down, baby!!

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