Wednesday, December 2, 2015

.:Welcome December Sponsors:.

A warm welcome to my latest sponsors:

Homestead Store - Hello, we are the Gunderson family of seven! The Homestead Store is a small, family owned, business. We are real homesteaders who have learned to live the simple life. We make the highest quality wooden drying rack on the market right on our family homestead in Oregon with the hands of our entire family.
Homestead store is currently having a sale on all of their wonderful drying racks!  10% through December 8th with code DRY10 You may have recently seen our Pioneer drying rack in a photo I posted on the FB page. We love it!

Hearth Magic - As new mother with little ones, I often felt isolated and disconnected from my home and tasks as a mother. I felt as though there was “something” missing from our lives. Was there a secret ingredient that God gave successful and happy mothers that I was lacking? I know from conversations with many mothers that this is a common concern. We know that life at home will never perfect, but is it possible to create Magic within the rhythms of daily life and festival seasons of the year? Absolutely! A sense of rhythm, tradition and magic was a part of my grandmother’s home. This “feeling” was as reliable as expecting the air to be crisp in October, or knowing when the full moon would appear- it was also just as magical. She was not a “Waldorf Mama” but she understood that children thrive on a nourishing diet of family traditions and celebrations. As I look back on my magical childhood, it is easy to see which traditions nurtured our family and have stayed with me.

My Etsy shop, Hearth Magic, has been a wonderful outlet for me to create beautiful paintings, home helps and festival guides that celebrate where I have come from and the type of home I strive for, inspired by all of the wonderful things I have learned along my homeschool journey.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my readers and sponsors for your support.

For affordable sponsorship with ever growing exposure please do be in touch: 

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