Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Wonderland {with our dog sledding team}

The snow kept falling the whole night long after I snapped that photograph in my last post. The next day the children spent as much time as possible in it, including some time sledding with our dogs. I wasn't able to get some action shots of our dog team this time around like I did last year. My slow, pregnant self coupled with the harsh noon sun made it a bit of a struggle to get any photographs at all.

dog sledding
Off they go!
spun off the toboggan
A few seconds later (notice the toboggan is empty and the children are all spun around facing the opposite direction).
K tries it alone while L comes to hang out with me
Everyone was fine. The snow padded their fall. K decided to try it on her own while L and C came to hang out with me and watch.
Right after this picture was taken the dogs decided to run straight at L and I and knock us over.
snow dogs
dog team
Our dog team
Nara faceplant
Nara couldn't keep up with the boys and ended up faceplanting into the snow. Kevin unattached her and just let her run alongside after that. Really that is what she prefers anyway.
C loves her Nara
L trying to feed Nara snow
C and L decided to pamper her and feed her some snow.
yum - snow!
Nara wasn't too interested so L decided to eat it himself...
want some snow?
...and share with C.
K helping Daddy with the dog gear
Kevin decided the dogs needed to get rid of some of their energy before the children tried again. K helped him prepare.
Kevin's turn
Off goes Kevin on the tobbogan! That wore the dogs down fast.
following the toboggan tracks
C following the toboggan tracks in her Jan Brett hat (They are still my favorite hats!).
how we love the snow!
more snow eating
Sweet C
K ready to go home and get warm
Ready to go home and warm up. What a fun time it was!!

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