Thursday, October 22, 2015

Remembrances, AtTheCrossroads {giveaway!}

I am pleased to share this week's giveaway from Remembrances, AtTheCrossroads on Etsy. Shop owner (and someone I consider an all around creative genius!) Natalie is with us today to share a bit more about her shop. Welcome Natalie!


How did your business begin?
The starting point for my business was a handful of years ago.  The company I work for was having some difficulties and I didn't know from one day to the next how much longer I was going to have my job.  This was made even more stressful by the fact that my husband works for the same company.  With two young children, we were seriously at risk of losing both incomes at once.  Opening my etsy shop gave me something else to focus on, even if just for a few minutes a day.  It has changed and evolved since then, completely becoming my passion.  Even though I still have that same "day job", I dream of being able to turn my own little business into my full time job.
giveaway on frontier dreams! What are your biggest influences?
There are so, so many.  I find inspiration everywhere around me.  Spending time outside always gives me ideas I want to turn into reality, and influences the direction of my work.  You'll find a lot of leaves, flowers, and natural elements on my pieces.  Fabric is another big inspiration.  The texture, the prints and patterns, and even the way the pieces fit together into a three dimensional item definitely influence some of my pieces.

Where did your business name come from?
My business name (Remembrances) comes from Shakespear's Hamlet... "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance; pray, Love, remember:  and there is pansies. That's for thoughts."
We read it in high school english class and that line has stuck with me ever since. The name of my etsy shop (AtTheCrossroads) comes directly from the way I was feeling when I first opened it... I felt I was standing at crossroads in my life and had to choose a direction to follow.

What is your favorite product that you offer?
My favourite product changes with each new item I make, but the small buttons are definitely at the top of the list... any of the small buttons.  They are definitely my favourite to make. These are my current favourite:
stamped pieces -the vases, yarn bowls, and serving dishes the way the glaze shifts with the depth of the texture.  This picture was taken while the plate was still in the kiln, and it pretty much sold straight from there (I have very few pictures of this style of work.
And my favourite to wear is this one:
I wear it almost every day.
Do you have a favorite quote you would like to share?
My favourite quote is by Fra Giovanni (1533). It's part of a larger quote, but my favourite line is "The gloom of the world is but a shadow; behind it, yet, within our reach, is joy.  Take joy."
Take Joy!  Look for it, find it, and take it.  Every day.

Today Natalie is kindly offering the following: flower and leaf button set First Prize: A special set of flower and leaf pottery buttons hand made specifically for Frontier Dreams readers for this give-away.
loose buttons
Second Prize:  Two button cards (winner's choice) from AtTheCrossroads on Etsy.

For your chance to win one of these beautiful prizes just leave a comment below. For additional chances to win:
-follow AtTheCrossroads on etsy ( Tell me what your favourite item is in the shop for an additional chance to win.
-follow remembrancespottery on Instagram (
-follow Remembrancespottery on Facebook (  -follow the Remembrances blog (

and please make sure to come back and leave me another comment letting me know you did so!

Please make sure you comment via intense debate and not via blogger on your phone. If you comment using blogger it gets deleted and cancels out all of the other comments in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding!

Comments will close on Friday, October 30th and I will announce the winners within this post that night.

Comments closed! The winner is: Sarah who said:
All so beautiful!

I forgot to post the 2nd giveaway winner for the AttheCrossroads giveaway last week. The 2nd winner is: Ravenna who said "Beautiful pieces. Thanks for the giveaway." Please email at so I can get your prize to you! I apologize!!

Also, for the month of October, Natalie is offering a 20% discount  using the code FDOCT so that all of the Frontier Dreams readers have the opportunity to get the buttons, beads, or pendants they need for their own hand made gifts.  (Discount is on every item in the shop). And with the American dollar so strong compared to the Canadian dollar, now is a great time to REALLY get a fantastic price.

Thanks, Natalie! Best of luck to everyone!

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