Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome January Sponsors

A warm welcome to my newest sponsor:

From Jennifer

From Jennifer - Hi, my name is Jennifer Compton. I have a budding shop on etsy called From Jennifer where my husband and I offer all kinds of lovely treasures for your home. What has always been a hobby for myself has transformed into a business throughout the year 2014 with many supportive, great customers who continuously offer me more ideas and inspiration. I’ve always loved sharing with others what I make and this shop has opened up a way for me to do so. We have items for your kitchen, playroom, homeschool, and home decor. My husband does most of the woodworking while I sew and paint with our four children by my side. Our animal breakfast boards have been our best seller this past year along with slingshots and newest sun candle holder. I invite you to visit our shop, have a look around, and see if we can add a touch of beauty to your home and life. (Nicole here - I can't wait to share more about this shop with all of you! It is definitely one of my new favorites.)

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of my readers and sponsors for your support.

For affordable sponsorship with ever growing exposure please do be in touch: 

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