Monday, December 1, 2014

Welcome December Sponsors

Welcome to my December sponsors:

Haiti babi

Haiti Babi - Artisian gifts handmade in Haiti.
One in ten children in Haiti live in an orphanage. Eighty-percent of these children have living parents who do not have the resources to provide for them due to widespread unemployment. Haiti Babi’s mission is to give moms jobs in order to break the cycle of poverty, and keep children with their families instead of in orphanages. All Haiti Babi Signature Baby Blankets and Baby Hats are handmade by moms in Haiti using extraordinarily soft 100% pima cotton yarn sourced from all-natural materials. They are machine washable and durable enough to last through moments as a cape, canvas, magic carpet ride or cuddly companion.

Thank you  so very much to all of my readers and sponsors for your support.

For affordable sponsorship with ever growing exposure please do be in touch: 

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