Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome November Sponsors!

Welcome (and welcome back!) to my November sponsors:

Mountain Girl Yarns

Mountain Girl Yarns - I am small indie dyer living in the mountains of Montana. The beautiful nature that surrounds me, ice blue lake, mountains, the Big Sky all inspires... I put all that love into my yarns. Mountain Girl Yarns are made with quality hand dyed wool blends...whimsical and original. ...anything but ordinary.

 Twig Studio

Twig Studio Kids -  My name is Tim.  For the past 4 years, my family and I have been handcrafting wooden toys and furniture for our company Twig Studio Kids and we have delivered our all natural, heirloom quality, hand-made-in Canada, Waldorf-inspired wooden toys and furniture to hundreds of happy customers. During that time, our most popular items, by far, have been our all-natural, handcrafted wooden doll houses. Our dollhouses are hand crafted in Canada and are designed to promote open ended play, a sense of wonder,  and to foster creativity all the while being a marvel to look at in your home, school or other setting. The finish is non toxic, and is made by us from scratch using bees wax, natural tree oils and citrus fruit extracts.

The Dollhouses became so popular that within the first few months, we were no longer able to produce them fast enough to meet demands. Ever since then, we’ve had waiting lists for our customers. It's clear to us Twig Studio will be a success - but also clear that we need to invest in a higher capacity output production facility if we want to reach production equilibrium instead of having waiting lists. So now is your chance to be a part of Twig Studio's last-ever waiting list! Check out the campaign for full details. Put your deposit down now, and we will use it along with our own investment, to produce your dollhouse.  At the same time, we’ll transform Twig Studio Kids into a company with a sustainable production capacity that is capable of meeting our customers’ demands. It won't be a very long wait - Delivery timing will be somewhat dependent on the quantity of orders, but we'll aim to start deliveries no later than Spring 2015. We will keep you all posted on our progress regularly, as we transform our shop and restart our production. This opportunity will last until the last week of November, so there is time yet!


Whole Family Rhythms - Whole Family Rhythms are a series of seasonal and monthly guides created and designed to inspire a peaceful and flowing rhythm in your home. The rhythms include unstructured, child-led play both outdoors and indoors; early childhood stories and fingerplays; weekly bushwalking (hiking) themes; art, handwork and creative projects and holistic baking and cooking recipes for the whole family as well as weekly caregiver meditations and monthly handwork projects.Strong and joyful rhythms that carry the whole family through the seasons.

Luna Grey Fiber Arts

Luna Grey Fiber Arts - is a one-woman, hand-dyed yarn company based in sunny Western Colorado. Owner, Jackie Vlcek, began dying yarn after years of knitting, hand spinning and teaching knitting classes.  As an at-home mom to two bright, rambunctious little boys, she enjoys the quiet, color saturated world of her yarn studio. Each of her skeins are hand painted or kettle dyed making for one-of-a-kind works of art. She welcomes custom orders and enjoys working one-on-one with fiber artists to create “that perfect color” for their special projects (trust me, her yarn makes my projects!)

Thank you  so very much to all of my readers and sponsors for your support.

For affordable sponsorship with ever growing exposure please contact me: December spots are filling up fast so do be in touch soon!

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