Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gray & Gold for Little L (and a last minute Jack o' Lantern craft)

gray and gold IMG_8327 IMG_8332 IMG_8329 IMG_8399 gray and gold IMG_8370 IMG_8681 IMG_8647 IMG_8546 IMG_8703 IMG_8573 IMG_8761

It seems that I am only knitting for Little L as of late but I promise that isn't the case. Toddler knits just seems to fly off the needles compared to child or adult knits.

The sun is still shining in our woods so I thought it best to photograph Little L in his gray and gold milo while I still could (and before it became well loved and worn through, as many of our knits do).
He got on his pony trike to zoom around our hills and crunch leaves but then decided he needed to clean up some of the leaves with his wheelbarrow instead. This little guy of mine loves to clean and can't handle anything out of place; very much unlike his sisters. I think he is trying to bring balance to the force our family.

I was a bit hesitant over my color choices as I was knitting this little vest but in the end I am very pleased with it. Kevin says it looks like chainmail but I think it looks like the gray skies and gold leaves we see in autumn. I modified the pattern with worsted weight yarn and bigger needles hoping for a size 3 and I believe it worked. My guy is 2 1/2 but he is small for his age so it's a bit big on him at the moment (mostly in the armhole area) but he'll get two autumns out of it, if not more! I didn't block it out of fear that it would grow bigger. The only other mod I made was knitting the whole thing in garter stitch. You can see my notes here.

And just in case you were looking for a last minute Jack o' Lantern craft, here's something C and I made today as we sat by the fire. Jack o' Lantern oranges We just used whole cloves and stuck them in the orange to make a face (the same way you do when you decorate oranges for Christmas). Then we made a tiny hole in the top of the orange and stuck a clove in wrong side up to make the pumpkin stem. Voila! Miniature Jack o' Lanterns.

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