Thursday, June 21, 2012


C's very first swim class

C's very first swim class


C'sv ery first swim class

I remember spending the last week of school preparing my girls for the transition to summer living. I told them that we would take the first week 'off' and just use that time to decompress, catch up on sleep, plan our summer activities and just relax with no where to go (We are all big homebodies). That plan ended up changing and now I am eating my words. I found out that our local community center was hosting a week of free swimming lessons. I think most of you may remember how badly I want my children to learn how to swim, so I couldn't let this opportunity pass us by. The catch to getting your child in to these free lessons was that you had to sign up in person and it was on a first come, first serve basis. So Saturday morning I woke up and tried to get myself to the center early before the 8:00 am opening, but as usual I just couldn't get out the door. I arrived just as they opened and the line already wrapped around the building. No worries, though. Kevin had all the little ones and I had my book.

I have a little story about my 2 1/2 hours in line. I got quite a bit of reading done but I also realized that in (mainstream) Portland, my family and I are very different. (And if you live here or have been here you would understand why that's odd.) I wasn't being nosy but I couldn't help but hear some of the conversations between parents in line as I tried to concentrate on reading (I blame it on ADD).

one parent - "Well, we didn't let our son watch t.v. until he turned 5"
other parent's reaction - "What?! That's crazy! 5?! Why would you do that?!"

We don't own a t.v.

another parent - "My daughter wants to go vegan but I am not sure about it."
other parent's reaction - "No! Don't let her do it. You can't eat anything as a vegan. She'd be eating twigs and berries"

I was vegan for almost 15 years and both my girls were raised vegan until recently. We ate quite well, I might add.

a parent speaking to her friend - "Blogs just aren't real to me. Those blogging Moms just make everything seem too perfect. Maybe I am too much of a conspiracy theorist but I don't think the people running these blogs even exist. There is no way they can!"

I hope I don't make things seem perfect on here, because believe me they aren't! I am just being me and don't try to make my family or myself out to be anything that we are not. I do enjoy trying to remember and record the positive things from our days, though. If anything I feel like I whine and complain too much!

Hearing those conversations opened up my eyes and my heart more. I know I was meant to hear them for a reason. But I do have to admit they made me giggle just a bit.
On the flip side of that I met an incredibly kind and sincere reader who recognized us in the locker room. (Hi Christine!) What a dear experience. I hope our little ones get to play soon.

Needless to say, we have been spending our week at the pool. It brings back memories of my swim lessons growing up as well as swim team (summer camp) memories as a teenager. I knit and watch with Baby L on my back while C and K have their lessons at the same time. I knew K would love it but I wasn't sure how C would be. She has never had swimming lessons before. Plus she is my little koala bear and clings to my side. I thought for sure she wouldn't get in the pool without me but she jumped right in on her first day and hardly looked back at me. They have both made so much progress over these past four days, I just can't get over it. And my goodness - the happiness they are experiencing. They are literally beaming with joy. It would be nice to be able to afford swimming lessons for them so they could experience this all the time (and stop my nightmares of us drowning). I pray for a solution and I am certain one day it will present itself. Until then we will enjoy these days and try to retain all that we learn. Maybe next week can be our decompression week...

dairy parade sewing

In unrelated news, K reminded me yesterday that I promised to make them special matching dresses for the dairy parade this year. The parade is this Saturday. Gulp Wish me luck in pulling this one off!

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