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The Organic Family Cookbook (giveaway!)

Anni's simple quinoa with peas and corn recipe in K's school lunch

You know all of that talk about food couple of posts back? Besides making me hungry (Yeah, even discussing the budgeting of food makes me hungry. I am quite weird that way...), it made me even more excited to share a new treasure I found with all of you.

The author of our favorite (veggie sneaking) summertime cookbook, Ice Pop Joy, has just released what is sure to be our new kitchen essential: The Organic Family Cookbook.

Photo courtesy Sellers Publishing

Please forgive me while I gush for a moment or two. Where do I begin? The kid and husband approved delicious recipes, perhaps? Or maybe the inspiration for community building and sustainable living? How about the tips for greener living? This book just has it all! Anni even put in one of my favorite Waldorf mealtime blessings.

Bodhi's Berry Quinoa - photo courtesy Sellers Publishing

I knew at first glance that I would be using this cookbook quite often. One of the first things I made was simple quinoa with peas and corn. C and I had just had quinoa in our parent/child class a couple of days before the book arrived and I was obsessed with making it. For whatever reason I had been afraid of trying to cook quinoa at home. I heard stories that it was hard to cook just right and that was enough to scare me away from trying. Then I saw Anni used it in some of her recipes and they all seemed really simple. I forgot about my quinoa cooking fears and dove in head first. Not only was it a hundred times easier to cook than our usual grain of choice: brown rice, but it was scrumptious, too! K has been requesting the simple quinoa with peas and corn recipe, along with some other yummies, in her school lunch for about the past week. I feel so great giving it to her, knowing just how incredibly good for her it is. I kid you not, I now include quinoa in at least one meal a day in our household - thanks to Anni!

Anni's Udon noodles with soybeans and carrots

Another favorite of ours is Anni's recipe for Udon noodles with soybeans and carrots. I had to alter this recipe just a tiny bit due to the soy allergy in our family. I just omitted the soybeans and added some mung bean sprouts, instead. The first time we made it, both girls had second helpings, then third and K even had a fourth! I think they liked it quite a bit. I have it in our meal plan for this week, again. In fact, I have a few other recipes from The Organic Family Cookbook in this pay period's meal plan, as well - including not just meals but some sweets, too.

Photo courtesy Sellers Publishing

The thing that the girls were the most excited over (Yep, they spent hours looking at this book, too), was the strawberry fruit leather recipe. All summer they had been asking me to make them homemade fruit leather. I thought you needed a food dehydrater to make it so I didn't bother researching recipes, but then Anni proved me wrong. We made it on our baking day last week and because it is a low heat, slow cooking kid of project the girls practiced patience until it was finished right before bedtime. I have to say, I let time slip away from me and cooked it a bit too long so we ended up with strawberry chips instead of fruit leather, but nevertheless, it was still a healthy, and addicting snack. Next time we make it I will remind myself to set the timer, ahem - bad Mama!

Photo courtesy Sellers Publishing

Something that really hit a soft spot for me was Anni's pages on making nature toys and homemade gifts. I think you know how important things like that are to me, so it brought me great joy to see her put these out in the public eye.

Photo courtesy Sellers Publishing

You really need to see these great tips and test out the recipes in this cookbook for yourself to see just what all the fuss is about. Believe me, if you do - you'll be as excited as I am. In fact, Anni and Sellers Publishing will help make that possible for one of you. They are generously offering one lucky reader their very own copy of Anni's new book The Organic Family Cookbook

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Thank you Anni for the opportunity (and for being such an inspiration).
I wish you all the best of luck!

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