Saturday, August 13, 2011

Five Spheres of Waldorf Education

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I don't feel like I am 32 but then again I never felt any older when I turned 30, either.

I am very excited about a Waldorf Ecourse I have the honor of taking part in next week (Happy birthday to me-woo hoo!). It is being taught by Waldorf teacher Dr. Rick Tan. He (And the rest of his family) has been inspiring me for years now and I can not wait to see what wisdom he will pass on to us.

There are still a few spots left if you would like to join me! Here is the info on it:

Five Spheres of Waldorf Education ECourse
through Little Acorn Learning
Instructor: Dr. Rick Tan
Five Week ECourse Begins August 15th and Runs for 5 Weeks

5 Full Weeks of lessons, videos and assignments!

The Five Spheres of Waldorf education encapsulates the sweeping themes of this educational movement: Self, Relationships, Balance, Rhythm, and Course. In the five-week seminar offered at Little Acorn Learning, Dr. Rick Tan will discuss one sphere per week and the relevant topics in anthroposophy and Waldorf that are connected with the sphere.

Dr. Rick Tan is an artist, musician, and graphic designer. He was a homeschooling parent and currently is the seventh grade teacher at Davis Waldorf School.

Week 1
The Self Sphere:
The topic of Anthroposophy as the human being’s inner striving to understand oneself will be reviewed. Here, the many natures of the Self: ego, astral, etheric, and physical bodies will be discussed

Week 2
The Relationships Sphere:
We will touch on the synergy of our connections with each other.

Week 3:
The Balance Sphere:
This week will present us with a foundation for the three fold social order, and the three fold human being as thinker, feeler, doer.

Week 4:
The Rhythm Sphere:
We will cover the four-part main lesson, and the four temperaments: choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholic.

Week 5:
The Course Sphere:
This lesson will touch on the curriculum of Waldorf education.

To Enroll in this Exciting ECourse, Visit Little Acorn Learning HERE for More Details.

Now,I am off to pack our lunches for K's kindergarten class picnic tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone!

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