Friday, June 17, 2011

Sponsor Giveaway : Little Wool

All photos courtesy of LittleWool

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce one of my sponsors LittleWool. I have had the wonderful pleasure of chatting with Karen, the shop owner, these past few weeks and I am so happy to share her work with all of you.

Please tell us a little about yourself and your family.

I find it very tricky to sum myself up in a few words. I still very much feel like I am a work in progress. My focus in the now revolves around my three girls, who are all in varying stages on their paths to becoming the women they will be.
I count myself very lucky to spend my days in the company of a couple of little people while their mamas and papas are slaving away at their respective offices. They go home at dinnertime and I pull out the current project I am working on.
My husband is thankfully a very supportive person who at times must think that there is not possibly any more room in our house for a single piece of wool but he never verbalizes it.Our cat Marshmallow enjoys curling up on the many piles that little our house and sleeping a good sleep.

How did you choose the name LittleWool?

Actually, I was trying to be funny....if one were to walk into my basement, one may stumble on piles of wool blankets and sweaters. It could be that if someone were to peek into my closets all over my house they may find more of the same....Maybe. It is not a Little bit of wool, it is actually a lot, but it is all relative . Right?!

Where do your ideas come from?

I find inspiration for my creations in many places. But I would say that it mostly stems from my days spent in the company of little ones. We spend our time together reading a whole lot of books, and of course, the world of children's literature is a very colorful one indeed. I draw inspiration from the many beautiful drawings that grace these books.
The balance of our time (excluding nap time and overly wintry weather) is spent on activities outside. The natural world provides me with endless ideas for creating as well - trees and flowers and toadstools (you may have noticed) especially.

What made you decide to start LittleWool?

I have never really thought about why I started LittleWool. It is almost like it has been there all along. In the very beginning I fell in love with the process of making things for my girls. It reached a point where there were too many toys (yes, I believe that is possible). The only way for me to keep making them was to think about selling some. I must admit that I am a wee bit tied to my creations - I have a hard time parting with them when someone buys one. It makes it easier to part with them knowing that it is going to a home where either an adult or child will appreciate my work.

To learn more about LittleWool please visit:
the shop
the blog

Today, LittleWool is generously offering her adorable set Mama Sheep and Her Little One. The set is handcrafted from felted wool blankets, roving, batting and locks and sewn together with cotton embroidery floss this little family is ready to go. Due to the nature of their construction she recommends these toys for children 3 and up.
The mama stands approximately 3"x4" and her little tips the scales at 1.5"x2".

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post!
If you would like an additional chance to win:
let me know you are a dear follower
post this giveaway to Facebook, Twitter, or your blog
and please make sure to come back and leave me another comment letting me know you did so!

I will close comments on Thursday June 23rd at 6pm PST and announce the winner within this post that night.


Thank you so much Karen for this opportunity. Good luck everyone!!
Wishing you all a warm weekend!

The winner is: Beccathorn7 who said "The sheep are beautiful!!!! We would give them an excellent home! I'm a follower."

Congrats! Please e-mail me with your contact info. Thanks again everyone, and on a personal note - thank you all for your encouraging words to both Karen and myself. It means more than you know!

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