Sunday, May 17, 2009

the Importance of Baby Dolls in Our Home

C baby on C's birthday wearing her birthday crown sitting in her highchair. (C baby made by Rohini at Gopita's Dolls )

Words can not describe how special dolls are in our home. They really do seem to show the love that was put into them by the people that made them. I even find myself enchanted by them (and my husband sometimes, too but shhhhh don't tell him I told you!)

The girls love their baby dolls. They are their most cherished possessions. Even C seems to understand which one is hers, and hers alone. She loves her C baby. She hugs her first thing in the morning when she wakes up and giggles hysterically.
I understand the importance of doll play so I try my hardest to respect this for both the girls and treat their dolls like they are the living, breathing babies that they see them as. Perhaps that is why I take such care and put so much love into making things that K request for her dolls, like knitted clothing. I try to do it when she is around so she can see the process from start to finish. She usually can not wait for me to finish so she can dress her doll in it's new wardrobe.

I also feel it's important for the dolls the girls have to represent our diverse culture,not just in the states but on our planet. We all 'look different' (but yet so much the same), so their dolls should be as well. They both have their special dolls made to look like them and to represent them in play but then they also have other dolls from around the world. I think it's important for the girls to be exposed to all cultures starting right from birth, so it is just the norm for them.
I have a hope that by never noticing or mentioning differences in peoples appearances, that my girls will never notice either and just see whats inside and what matters in people.
They are the generation of change, I know it.

C loving her C baby. Matching hats by Shelley Caskey aka waldorfmama (she sells the doll hat in her waldorfmama shop and the baby hat in her other shop).

K and C posing with doll babies. K is being a goof and making one of her many silly faces.
C has her C baby and K has her old K baby. This one had stains and we were sent a replacement years ago but she hung on to the old one to be her outside doll. K sleeps with her K baby every night just like C. It's a sweet sight to see.

K loving her Meilana dollie.

Baby love pics (just because)

On a side note, I am not sure if I will be able to post my WIP this week. I go in for a minor surgery Tuesday morning and will be in the hospital at least for the day. I apologize in advance if I miss out this week. Maybe I'll get something together Monday and post it then. I'll have to see.
Take care everyone.I hope you all had a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Your girls are so gorgeous! And the dolls, adorable, too :-). Love their play and your respect for it. I wanted to make some dark-skinned flora children during my latest kick. DS was very opposed to the idea. It broke my heart. I'm going to make some anyway and wear them in hopes he'll change his tune. BTW, how are your plans going? We're due in Seattle at the end of next month :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, and wishing you all the best with your surgery on Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you.

waldorfmama said...

we love and cherish all of the handmade baby dolls at our house, too. :) what sweet pictures, nicole! the hat looks so wonderful on your beautiful girl (i'm happy it wasn't too big, but it looks like she still has room to grow :) ). i love how you always have her head covered (in true waldorf mama fashion). :) big hugs! ~ shelley

Joy said...

Your little ones with their dolls are so sweet! I hope everything goes well on Tuesday.

Tan Family said...

Your handmade dolls are precious. I love the Waldorf Mama hat, too! Kudos to you for having multicultural dolls. What a nice idea.

boatbaby said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with noticing differences. Noticing them and appreciating them is what creates tolerance and love for diversity.

I never said anything to my son about it either, and he has friends of all races (including the fact that we're latino) So i never felt the need to talk about it at all.

And this week we were reading a book the other day about Darwin and his voyages on The Beagle... and they mention how Darwin hated the slavery he saw around the world (with a little picture in the corner). My son said "Why did the white people always be mean to the brown people. That's not fair. If they just spent some more time outside in the sun maybe they would be nicer."

FrontierDreams said...

Jumbleberryjam- our plans are slllllllllloooooooooowwwwwwww. tee hee. dh's job likes to take their time. oy vey!(thanks for asking!) i will email you after my surgery about it :)

Shelley- thank you! i think the yarn you choose is absolutely perfect for her. it lights up her face whenever she wears it. (which is quite a lot!) we are trying very hard to keep her head covered. it was easy to do the first year of her life,ses being a bit more stubborn now with keeping the hat on but we are working through it :)

Boatbaby- hey you! so nice to see you here!! yes yes! i wrote this late at night, but yes you are so right on. thats exactly how i feel. i just didn't convey it very well in my post. thank you!
and your little one always says the sweetest things!!!

thank you everyone for the well wishes!! <3

Nicole said...

Your blog is so sweet and lovely, I am as much in love with Waldorf dolls as my children are! : )
I also did a post about some of our dolly friends:
Be well, and many well wishes on your surgery!
(The pictures of your girls are so very sweet!)

Marina said...

Lovely dolls and what important lessons your teaching your precious ones! You'll be in my thoughts, sweets... xoxo

Nicole said...

I'll be thinking of you and wishing you an easy and fast recovery. *hugs*

I WISH our dolls got more lovin' around these parts. Poor Jackie that I made for Christmas still lounges alone in his bed.

Anonymous said...

I hope everything is ok and goes well on Tuesday. Even minor surgery is surgery. Take care and get well soon.

FrontierDreams said...

thank you again everyone! <3

marina- i've missed you so!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,

I found your blog through Shellyfish's Wipster Wednesday. I love your thoughts and creations.

This post touched me because I always had a deep love for my dolls. I kept a couple but it was really hard to get rid of my playbox 15 years ago. I know your girls will cherish all of your present-day thoughtfulness.

I hope you are feeling mended.

FrontierDreams said...

welcome! isn't shelly great?!
thank you so much for sharing that and your kind words.i hope i can help my girls to have such a wonderful impression and memories of their dolls, as well.

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