Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our ever growing family....

I think it' time we move to our farm house! LOL

Our kitten Midnight has grown a lot in the last 3 months. He loves cuddling with us at night.
He now has a new play friend Geisha, who as you can see by the pics is like a ghost. We just got her Saturday night and she's still getting used to us. She was a rescue kitten. She is the same age as Midnight. Something about her eyes reminded me of my 1st baby so I couldn't pass her by.

Lastly, our newest baby Nara. We just got her last night. She is a German-german shepard not an american german shepard. She is very sweet and LOVES K. She's trying to befriend the kitties and Midnight is coming up to her but Geisha is still afraid.


1 comment:

sxjohnson said...

Sooo cute. I want a new puppy now. :) I bet Kaulini LOVES all her new playmates.

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