Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whole Family Rhythms giveaway!


Today’s giveaway is from Meagan of Whole Family Rhythms, helping you to create seasonal, weekly and daily rhythms for your family in order to nurture the wonder, beauty and light in early childhood.

Whole Family Rhythms are a series of seasonal and monthly guides created and designed to help you maintain a steady rhythm in your home. The rhythms include unstructured, child-led play both outdoors and indoors; early childhood stories and fingerplays; weekly bushwalking themes; daily art, handwork or creative projects; holistic baking and cooking recipes for the whole family as well as weekly caregiver meditations and projects for families of all ages and sizes.


Meagan began educating herself on play based and natural early childhood learning over four years ago when she stumbled across some Waldorf inspired blogs that resonated with her deeply. Since then she has passionately shared her parenting journey including her transition to a TV-free home, her parenting style and beliefs and delicious holistic recipes on her blog. (

“I am ever inspired by my little ones and the way they live so presently in each moment. It is sometimes difficult for us as parents to protect the magic and wonder of childhood. Modern and Western ways of life create schedules, endless to do lists and a constant sense of multitasking that often feels unavoidable. By being very clear about our family values and then translating these into strong rhythms for my children I believe I am also creating a strong rhythm for myself –so that in turn, I am able to slow down, stay calm and be authentically present for my children.”


Each seasonal guide contains over 70 pages including weekly oral stories and fingerplay, bushwalking themes, seasonal crafts, wet-on-wet watercolour painting, drawing and modelling activities as well as weekly caregiver meditations, monthly caregiver handwork projects and seasonal book recommendations. Whole Family Rhythms was written and created in New South Wales, Australia however Meagan is originally from Canada in the Northern Hemisphere. She has created Guides for both the Southern and Northern Hemisphere so that no matter where you are there are relevant activities, crafts and themes to suit the holidays and season.


The Guides are “Waldorf/Steiner Inspired” but including stories and particularly the watercolour painting and beeswax modelling activities. However it they do not strictly adhere to any philosophy and are designed to be adapted to suit each individual family. The daily rhythms centre around nature-based learning; unstructured outdoor play; free, undirected, child-led play; meaningful work and authentic guidance from the child's caregiver who demonstrates a reverence for life's natural rhythms.


Meagan is kindly offering two winners their choice of either the Whole Family Rhythms Northern Hemisphere Winter Guide or the Southern Hemisphere Summer Guide as well as a video/audio download with a number of (non-denominational) Mealtime Blessings and Transitions which help to uphold a sense of gratitude and graciousness within your daily lives.

For a chance to win, simply leave a comment on this post! If you would like an additional chance to win:
-post this giveaway to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or your blog
-“like” Whole Family Rhythms on Facebook
and please make sure to come back and leave me another comment letting me know you did so!

Please make sure you comment via intense debate and not via blogger on your phone. If you comment using blogger it gets deleted and cancels out all of the other comments in the process. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for understanding!

Comments will close on Monday November 3rd and I will announce the winner within this post that night.

Comments Closed. The winner is Elisabeth :
        I'm already loving you on fb! I'd love the Southern Hemisphere guide! It's so hard to find australian seasonal guides!      

Congrats Elisabeth. I will be in touch shortly.

Thank you Meagan. Best of luck everyone!


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