Thursday, May 30, 2013

Love and hope can go so far

Today I am asking for your love and hope. I only just recently found out that my longtime friend, Sara, from my hometown back east has been dealing with a Mother's nightmare. Sara is one of those people that everyone loves (and with good reason). She can make you smile even on your worst days. Knowing that she is going through this breaks my heart. I instantly knew I needed to do whatever I could to help her and her beautiful daughter.

Please read her daughter's story:

"Aayla Drew is a vibrant, amazingly smart six year old who loves bugs and princesses. She lives with her mom Sara, a single mother who works nights as a labor and delivery nurse. She recently started kindergarten, loves baseball and spending time with her grandparents and her cousin Owen, a pediatric cancer survivor.
Since the time Aayla started walking she has displayed mobility issues that began with stiffness and stumbling, and has progressed to include pain in her legs and feet, lots of falls, and the inability to run. She has bravely endured two MRIs of her brain, a painful lumbar puncture, numerous blood tests, countless doctor visits and physical therapy. Aayla and her family don't have a diagnosis yet! Her mom's biggest fear is that they don't know what's coming around the corner, what other medical issues might be involved with her mysterious condition, and what to expect for the future. She wants to have an answer to tell her daughter when she asks "Mom, when will the doctors fix my legs?" Aayla's neurologist says the next step is a spinal MRI. However, their insurance company has denied the procedure twice, saying that it's "not medically necessary", despite her history and ongoing struggles. Sara and her neurologist are both disputing the decision, but with Aayla's condition deteriorating, they can't wait another 6 months to find out whether they've been rejected again. If they can pay for the procedure without insurance, Aayla could have some answers now! The spinal MRI will cost upwards of $5,000 out of pocket, which is more than Sara can afford on her own, but will be easy for us to raise! The remaining $5,000 of our goal will go to help cover medical costs that have already been incurred, and to pay for Aayla's continuing physical therapy. Please help us reach this very attainable goal to give this sweet six year old some answers."

Thanks to Sara's friend Emily (for setting up this fundraiser), they are currently at 40% of their goal with only 56 days left to raise the funds. If you feel inspired to, you can donate here or by clicking the widget currently on my sidebar.

Money is necessary, unfortunately, but love and hope go just as far, if not farther. Please put Aayla and Sara in your thoughts and prayers. It does so much more than you could ever know! What everyone in this world truly needs is love, above all things. Lets show Aayla and her family just how powerful love can be. We can make a difference in this world, one person at a time!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


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