Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome June Sponsors

A warm welcome to my new sponsors:

Ziezo Designs - Ziezo is a Dutch word that means ‘it’s all right’. It reflects the feeling that shop owner Andrea had when she accepted being able to be a stay at home mom of 3 little ones and being able to spend more time crafting again after years of studying and being professionally engaged. It also means ‘sawa’ a commonly uttered word, actually more an expression in Swahili, one of the languages used in Kenya, where she lives.

Ziezo is the label Andrea created when she rediscovered my desire to create beautiful and functional items again, after a long time of focussing on professional advancement. The creations are heavily inspired by Waldorf Education and Steiner philosophy as her children are attending a Waldorf Kindergarten/School there in Kenya. It all started with some kiddie aprons in the beautiful traditional materials such as Kikoy and Kanga fabrics (both 100 % cotton), grew to 100% wool felt crowns, wool and cotton Waldorf dolls, 100% silk butterfly wings and it is still expanding as the kids are getting bigger and their play changes.

Wild Plums - Everything in Wild Plums is handmade in sunny central Oregon by me (Amanda Cowell). I love to create with our backyard chickens squawking in the background, my angora bunny Hurley munching on his hay in my studio, my children Lucy and Lincoln playing happily, and with all the windows wide open. I try to infuse everything I make/sell in my shop with good thoughts. My focus is on handspun yarn, natural fibers and supplies, hand sewing, Waldorf inspired playthings, sustainability, and above all staying true to myself and what I love creating!

And welcome back to my returning sponsors:

Whole Food Meal Plans - *Giveaway running right now!* Whole Food Meal Plans is an extension of our blog Natural Health at Home. For over a decade we have studied natural health, nutrition and holistic living. After many requests from friends and family for recipes and ideas to incorporate more natural living practices into everyday life, we started the blog to share what we know. Whole Food Meal Plans was born out of that inspiration and the desire to help families eat a healthy dinner, simply. The meal plans are based on years of whole food nutrition study integrated with the timeless wisdom of the traditional food movement. Although the plans are inspired by traditional foods, we consider them to be "Traditional Foods Lite" -- focusing on real, unprocessed foods that are easy to make and that can fit into a busy life. Plus, we think lingering at the table with your family is just as important as making food from scratch -- so we wanted to help people do that without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Belambolo - Shop owner Heike Gielen is a doll artist that sews dolls according to Waldorf pedagogy - with a lot of passion, time and love. A doll is a soulful preciousness of a child. As a image of the human figure she teaches the child everything that is necessary for a child´s life. In a handcrafted doll incorporates dedication, love and the time of the doll maker, so that the doll is inspired treasure for the whole childhood companion, comforter, protector, secret guardian. A handmade doll is a different from the industrially produced commodity, also because it is - like any child - individual and unique.

Armadillo Dreams - High quality handmade wooden toys. Armadillo Dreams is a husband/wife shop. Everything they sell is made from natural materials, is friendly for little hands and is handmade with love! They believe it's important for children to have high quality, natural, simple toys that they can dream, imagine and play with. They know it's hard to find wooden toys on a budget, so they're working hard to keep their prices low.

The Little Gnome - Handmade for a simple and beautiful life. Waldorf inspired crafts created using natural materials. Natalie (the creator of The Little Gnome) is passionate about living a sustainable, simple and handmade life, and it shows in all that she does.

Olabelhe - A magical place filled with charming little girls clothing ... that brings back memories of times gone by. Within Dawn's collection of sewing patterns you will find timeless styles that are reminiscent of times when little girls dressed like little girls. You will see pretty pinafores, darling dresses, playful pantaloons, skirts for twirling, delicate nightwear and so much more.

Heirloom Seasons - Beautiful handmade, heirloom quality gifts. Renee loves to create with vintage materials and feel a connection to the past; to create with natural materials and feel a connection to the earth. She loves to create for her children and is inspired by the seasons of the year.

Gotta Keep Knittin' designs - Knitting patterns for all your little people: wool soakers, longies, shorties, dresses, and more! When life gets crazy, you just gotta keep knittin'!

GLOB - GLOB specializes in botanically crafted paints made from fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices with natural food-grade ingredients and organic extracts. GLOB arts and crafts products are sourced from natural, recyclable and biodegradable materials.

Sarah's Silks - Sarah's Silks makes playsilks, dress-up and toys for imaginative play. Open ended, simple and beautiful Come see our new web site for specials, stories, and ideas.

Dandelion Dream - Organic, fair-trade, and eco-friendly shirts lovingly printed with hand carved images.

Dovie Moon Photography - Beautiful nature inspired photographs plus great vintage finds.

Simply Playing - Carries Waldorf inspired all natural plant dyed wool toys that bring out your child's imagination. Since dress up is the heart of a young child's imaginative play, crowns, garlands, and wands are created to assist in their journey.

Meadowsweet Naturals - Offering a wonderful collection of Waldorf Inspired Art Supplies, books & music at discount prices.

Frost Lane - Bret and Nadja Van der Stroom raise a few animals and six children on a couple of acres in Tennessee. Their Etsy shop, Frost Lane, features an eclectic mix of handmade items they enjoy making and using themselves.

Spring Creek Store - Located in the Portland Waldorf School, the Spring Creek Store carries all your Waldorf needs from books and school/art supplies to handmade gifts and gently used consignment.

Please take the time to visit these wonderful businesses, you won't be disappointed.
My family and I are so humbled and grateful for their continued support. THANK YOU!

Stay tuned for more fun giveaways!

For affordable sponsorship information please reach me at:

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